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Thursday, February 6, 2014

my latest addiction {the plaid barn}

It seems like the "deal of the day" websites are a dime a dozen now right?

Like everyone else, I've had my share of Groupon and LivingSocial. I signed up and got my daily email. Most of the time, it wasn't anything I was interested in. And when I was interested, I probably couldn't afford it or work it into my schedule. So after a few weeks of buying nothing, I unsubscribed. After having Jake, I tried the baby deals sites like Zulily and Baby Steals. But it was more of the same. The emails clogged up my inbox and many of the deals just weren't for me.

But a few weeks ago, I stumbled onto a site that I can't get enough of. Have you heard of it?


The Plaid Barn is a also a daily deal site {they have a lot of other items for sale too, but the daily deal is where its at}. The difference here is that I want every single deal. And since they typically keep their price point pretty low, I can actually afford to get most of them!

I've officially been signed up for two weeks. One deal, every weekday - that's ten deals so far. And I've gotten six of them! Sometimes its craft supplies like cute washi tape or awesome striped straws {love those things}. Other days they have handmade camera bags, jewelry, or personalized address stamps. It's very Etsy ish. With super affordable price and low shipping costs. Yes, I'm in love!

Here's a few of the items that have come up in the last few weeks...

 These awesome personalized state stamps?? $16.99!! 
I've priced these a bajillion times for $40-$50

Super cute chevron cosmetic bags? $4.99, people.

This camera strap?! NEED. Handmade $9.99. 

Straws galore. And the adorable lids? Ordered.

You get it. I'm addicted. And I just wanted to share.

 Maybe you guys are looking for that perfect deal site that fits your taste? 
Give The Plaid Barn a try!

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