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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

toddler art tuesday {#4}


Gosh, its been a few weeks since we had one of our Toddler Art Tuesday posts!
Jake and I have were pretty busy over the holidays, but we made time for a couple of fun projects to share. 

These sweet calendars were really neat Christmas gifts that we made for some of our family members. I love coming up with all the different ideas for folks!

I printed up the calendar months in a simple Word document. Then we used Jake's hand prints or footprints in a cute design on a piece of 14x11 poster board. I just used a hole punch and some folding tack pins to attached them. That way, each month can be ripped away but the fun art stays there.  

You could really do these with any kind of art. Have the kids draw a picture or color something fun!

I think everyone loved the calendars!

This a fun and simple project for anyone! 

Jake and I were resenting the fact that a forecast of snow only brought some yucky rain last week. So we decided to make our own snowman. 

 I made a circle of glue for each section and had Jake stick the "snowballs" onto the page.

Then we did a few falling snowflakes around our snowman. 
Later on, I came back and added the little pieces for the face. Those were way too small for Jake to deal with at this age. 

Now he loves running into the office to see his snowman on the wall!

Hope you're having fun getting creative with your kiddos!


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