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Friday, January 31, 2014

take heart {and a giveaway winner!}

I read somewhere that January is the most depressing month of the year. Something about the holidays being over and the weather being dreary makes people a bit gloomy.

That's definitely the case here. It has been over almost 6 weeks since everyone at my house was healthy at the same time. Sickness. I'm over it. I'm especially over it now that I'm the last one with this cold and sinus funk.

But it's more than that even. It's the daily to-do lists that never get finished, the busted water pipes under my house, and the frigidly cold temperatures outside. It's my very favorite shirt that I ripped last week, my beloved printer that died this week, and that brand new earring that I lost in the nursery this morning. 

January has gotten to me and a funk has set in. I'm sick and grouchy and fussy.

But today is the last day of the month and I'm pulling myself up by the bootstraps. I was so touched by this tidbit from my Jesus Calling devotional the other day that I saved it and have read it almost every day since: 

"Give up the illusion that you deserve a problem-free life. Part of you is still hungering for the resolution of all difficulties. This is a false hope! As I told My disciples, in the world you will have trouble. Link your hope not to problem solving in this life but to the promise of an eternity of problem-free life in heaven. Instead of seeking perfection in this fallen world, pour your energy into seeking Me: the Perfect One.
It is possible to enjoy Me and glorify Me in the midst of adverse circumstances. In fact, My Light shines most brightly through believers who trust Me in the dark. That kind of trust is supernatural: a production of My indwelling Spirit. When things seem all wrong, trust Me anyway. I am much less interested in right circumstances than in right responses to whatever comes your way."

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
- John 16:33


There it is. "Give up the illusion that you deserve a problem free life" and instead focus on the incredible joy offered in Christ. Isn't it funny the funk that we can all get into when we concentrate solely on ourselves? And of course we feel so off track! Our very purpose in life is to worship our amazing Creator, not to worship ourselves.

So if your January looked anything like mine, take heart. God has already overcome this world and give us a great new courage. And in this case, there's even a new month to renew our focus on him rather than the menial worries of this world.


And how about a giveaway winner!

Congrats to Anna Brickman! And way to go with the Dave Ramsey plan! Send me a note for your free goodies. {I'm sure Dave would approve!}

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