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Friday, January 3, 2014

new year, new prints

Y'all. The holidays haven't been kind to us Wilders this year. We've spent a ridiculous amount of time in the doctor's offices, filled loads of prescriptions, had some scary allergic reactions to those prescriptions {poor Jakey and penicillin don't mix}, and soaked up lots of snuggle time in the bed with Kleenex and Netflix.

It seems I'm the latest victim to this scam. I really didn't plan to bring in the new year as a sicky, {or a whiner, oops} so I think I might just start the new year next week.

But during a little bit of my extra down time {before my own sickly downfall}, I did get to clean up the Christmas decor and start with a clean slate for the new year. That included some new chalkboards and prints for the walls. 

I wanted something encouraging in this little gallery near my front door. This verse has always been such a beautiful comfort for this Type-A girl. 

Obviously a little Alabama love doesn't hurt either. 

The chalkboards in the office and kitchen got a facelift too. 

Hopefully these words of encouragement will help keep my sick, whiney bum focused on the right things.

Want a copy of the feather print for yourself? Go { h e r e } to print out your own copy. 
{it's an 8 x 10}

And for my local friends, feel free to grab  the Alabama print { h e r e }.
{its a 5 x 7}

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