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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

master bedroom ideas

We purchased our home over three years ago. 
And when we moved in, I just tossed our furniture and decor into the master bedroom and let it be.

I've wanted to redo the room for ages. I've wanted that beautiful master suite and glorious retreat for my room. But there were so many excuses. It wasn't a space that a lot of people see, so it wasn't a priority. Plus, the room has a really odd layout. I just couldn't figure it out. The floor area is huge {16 x 24}, but we have sloped ceilings on two sides and 2-3 doors on each of the other two sides. I felt like I was playing with a giant jigsaw puzzle. It just makes it difficult to arrange furniture throughout a lot of the space.

Those are all my excuses.
But finally one day, I'd had enough. I was going to give our bedroom some sweet TLC. 

So we've powered through it and my master bedroom is finally becoming a gorgeous space that I love. 

This was my starting place...

I've really been dying to use navy lately. And J.B. was super glad that we were putting some "manly colors" in the master bedroom.

We've made a couple of new purchases, reused a few pieces, and {of course} done a few DIY projects - like a huge built in window seat and a custom made standing mirror. More on those projects as we put the finishing touches on the room!

Stay tuned for some more updates on the master bedroom...


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  1. Sarah can you post a link to your comforter??? It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!!!

    1. Sure, Melissa! I found originally it online at target.com, but my local store carried them in stock also. (Sometimes its nice to go look and touch it in person, right??) There was also a very similar navy Nate Burkus duvet cover at Target.com that I considered if you're looking for something a bit lighter. Best of luck!