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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

22 months

Can you believe that this little rascal is so close to turning two?! 
I'm in complete denial.

Jake's growing up so fast that I don't even know what to think. I can barely keep up with how quickly he learns new things. His vocabulary is out of this world and he really comprehends everything he's saying. Mind. Blown.

: :  Currently  : :

 - Sleeps 12-13 hours at night and takes a 1-2 hour nap during the day.
 - Eats great!
 - Wearing 18 month clothes and size 6 toddler shoes.
 - Learning to sing his favorite songs. The sweetest sound on the planet!
 - Almost potty trained!! Crazy, right?! I wasn't planning on starting that until he was two, but this crazy kid just went for it himself. A genius, clearly.

: :  Loves  : :

Thomas the Train. Still. It's still a serious addiction. I'm pretty sure we own all. things. Thomas. But I do enjoy that Thomas is such a sweet show. Jake hears some of the kindest lessons through Thomas. And I'd definitely prefer trains to Barney or those forsaken Bubble Guppies.
Playing Outside. Unfortunately, that's a tough one this time of year. The high for most of this week is about 35 degrees. Which means my baby has to stay inside. On the occasional sunshiney day, we run around the backyard like crazy people!
Adventures. Since we really can't play outside in the winter, we do take it upon ourselves to have a lot of field trips to fight off the cabin fever. We've joined the local Children's Museum and Zoo this and like to find other places to just get out of the house.  Jake loves to play anywhere and with anything. Or maybe he's just so tired of being cooped up that he's desperate. Who knows anymore?

: :  Dislikes  : :

Meat. Still, y'all. About the only meat he'll eat is fish and hamburgers. Since this is the only thing he's crazy picky about, I'm just counting myself lucky. 
Waking up early. Trust me, he gets it from his momma.
Haircuts. I don't know know why, but he really really hates getting his haircut. Even at the fun, little kids' salon! Which is super unfortunately because this kid has piles of hair that grows like crazy.

Two months until he's two? No way. There's just no way. 
He's growing so fast and I love him more than ever!!

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