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Friday, December 13, 2013

embellished handmade stockings {tutorial}

I've been on the lookout for the perfect neutral colored stockings for weeks now.
But I couldn't seem to find just the right ones that fit within my budget. 

{You know what's coming next right?}

So I decided to attempt to make some of my own.

I'm hoping this tutorial is helpful to you guys. I've mentioned before that I sort of have my own way of sewing {i.e. I make it up as I go along}. But I did put in a lot of pictures that hopefully will help if you'd like to try this on your own. And it wasn't hard at all!

I decided to make my stocks out of a textured muslin. Super affordable and just the right shade I was imagining. I also decided to line these stockings with some white organza. That's totally optional.

Start by creating a pattern. I just used one of our old stocking and traced it onto posterboard. You can also freehand this if you are looking to create a more unique shape. 

{this is two pieces. one for the base of the stocking and one for the flap that folds over.}

Now trace your pattern onto the fabric and cut out. I left a little bit of space along the edge to allow for the hem. Remember you'll need two sides. 

If you're making a lining as well, trace the pattern onto your organza as well.

Pin the two sides together. Wrong side out.

Hem around each stocking. Make sure to leave the top open!

Next, turn your stock right side out. Place the organza inside the outer stocking. Pin the tops of the two in the correct place. 

Then sew a hem around the top edge to  the two together.

Next we're going to make the top flap. That'll fold over and cover up the rough edge at the top here as well. 

Use your pattern to cut out the fabric. I made mine twice as long rather that make a front and back that had to be sewn together. 

Iron over and hem on long side.

Then hem the two short ends together.

Finally, attach the top flap to the rest of the stocking. You'll want to turn it right side out and then place in inside the stocking. The unhemmed edge needs to line up with the top edge of the stocking. Sew around the top edge of the stocking again, just like when you attached the organza. 

Once it's sew, pull the flap out. Should look like this:

Then fold it over the outside of the stocking and wa-la! A stocking!

I added some fun embellishments to these stockings as well. Ribbons, some fake evergreen, jingle bells and some wooden letters were all glued on. All little items that can be found around the craft store. Get creative!


I'm not using a lot of red this year. Mostly neautrals {shocker}, metallics, and shades of green.
I love how these join right in!


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