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Monday, December 9, 2013

diy pocket tees

Yes, I realize that tshirts might not be the most popular clothing item right now if you're living somewhere chilly. But these cute shirts make great Christmas gifts! 

Retailing at around $30-$40 each, I just can't stomach to buy one. Not when they are this easy to make! 

: :  Materials  : :

fabric swatch 
heatbond/iron on fabric webbing 
sewing machine/thread

Start with a tshirt and fabric swatch of your choice. I do not recommend using a heavy fabric like a duct. The weight of the pocket will cause it to pull away from the tshirt.

{hopefully my patterned ironing board and my fabric pattern combo won't make your eyes bleed in these pictures. I promise I'll try to change them out next time I make one of these tees}

First, cut out your pocket with a half inch of extra material on all four sides. Since I've made several of these for myself and for friends, I created a poster board pocket pattern to help with this project. I'd definitely encourage you to draw out a pocket that's sized and shaped to your liking. The sturdier the material the better, especially if you're going to use it multiple times.

With the right side facing down, fold the extra fabric edge back over the pattern and press. 

Next, place your heat bond inside the folds of the fabric and press the edges together. This should result in a "ready to go" pocket!

Sew the top hem of your pocket. You'll want to do this independent of the tshirt so that the pocket will open at the top! 

Next, pin the pocket onto the tshirt in your desired location. I think there is a bit of science to this. If the tshirt is mine, I like to try it on and then hold my pocket up so I know I'm getting it just right. 

Once your pocket is pinned, sew down the other three sides to the tshirt.

And wa la!

{feel free to ignore my Monday morning hair and awkward face. Jake is clearly the model in our family}

 But look at this cute tshirt! Since I have things like scrap fabric and heatbond on hand, I spent $4 on this project just in the purchase of the tshirt!

I think next I'll be making a few out of a dyed fabric. I like the worn, faded look that comes from hand dying a white tshirt.

So grab some shirts and fabric scraps and get to gifting!

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