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Friday, December 20, 2013

a christmas home

I really feel like I've slacked off on Christmas decor this year. I've had a very slow and methodical decorating energy and I've really held back. 

A busy holiday schedule, a crazy work life, and a little boy with RSV and double ear infections doesn't help either. 

But I did get a few new things going this year. And I stuck with a very muted, vintage vibe. Greens, neutrals, golds. Pretty much exactly what you'd expect...

I love having a real wreath on our front door. When Home Depot had theirs for only $5, I just couldn't resist!
I alllllmost talked J.B. into a real tree this year. I love the idea of having a family day to go pick out the tree! But we waited a bit late on the decision and finally just decided to put up our old one. I think next year, we'll be ready!

I so enjoyed having my first Christmas mantle for the stockings!

 I bought these wooden nutcrackers at Hobby Lobby early in the season with the intent of at least painting them white. But I'm actually really enjoying the wood texture against the white fireplace. I suppose my laziness is finally paying off somewhere.

I also  love changing out the nick knacks on my shelves to the simple winter decor. 

A few of my chalkboards get a lovely Christmas makeover as well.

And since the addition of the large antique window in the kitchen, I also have new place there to add something festive. 
It was donned with an evergreen garland. I added some burlap ribbon and a sweet rusty star garland in the mix. This might be my favorite new thing this year.

My unfinished task at the moment is my dining room. If you'll recall, we host a large Christmas Eve dinner here for all of our family. I've really put off my place cards and table setting thus far, but I did break out the sweet advent calendar from last year.

 So here's hoping I get my tail in gear over the next few days. There are entirely too many presents to wrap and a crazy amount of final touches to do!

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