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Friday, November 8, 2013

the faux fireplace

When we first moved into this home, I knew I would miss having a fireplace. And a mantle. Since adding a real fireplace and mantle wouldn't really be cost effective, I've been mulling over an idea to build a faux mantle and fireplace onto this long, blank wall in the living room.

This past weekend, Jake spent the night with his grandparents {exciting for everyone!} and J.B. and I pulled the trigger on this project.

Instead of just a mantle, we decided to board up a whole section of the wall to create more of a statement area.
I really really really love how it turned out.
{did I say really? really ya'll!}

So three years later, I finally have my mantle and fireplace. Well, faux fireplace. But you get it.

 I'm super thankful to J.B. for all his handy work with this! I seriously couldn't get anything done without my main man.

Want to see how we did it?

{Disclaimer: J.B. and I are probably the laughing stock of every carpenter. We have no skills. We literally make all of this up as we go along. Probably doing things backwards, wonky-jawed, and in many other ridiculously flawed ways. You've been warned...}

We started by removing a section of the crown molding and nailing up 1x2's to the studs on the wall. Since the mantle is mostly decorative it doesn't need a ton of support. But we still wanted to make sure it was nice and sturdy.

Then we nailed the boards down the wall. We used 1x6 primed MDF. The primed boards saved us a ton of time with painting. And the MDF was a little lighter than solid wood. 

The bottom edge is made from 1x6 boards as well. Three sides of a box that slide flush with the wall, then a 1x12 for the top ledge board.

We used 1x2's to frame the outside edges and inside of the fireplace. 
After filling in all the nail holes, it only took two light layers of high gloss paint to get this thing looking great. 

I decided to go very simple with the "fireplace" area for now.
I painted the interior with a sample can of black wall paint {Valspar's "Lincoln Cottage Black"}. I love that this little space can become quite versatile. Beadboard, chalkboard paint and even wood displays would all look great here if I want to swap things up.

The mantle is made out of 1x6 boards on three sides. J.B. cut some custom pieces for the ends and we added a 1x2 along the top edge for some depth. I stained it with Miniwax's "Special Walnut".

I can't stop staring at this space! 
What a lovely change!

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  1. OMGoodness...this is exactly the look I've been wanting in my "fireplace-less" living room. Thank you for the tutorial.