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Thursday, November 21, 2013

the fall kitchen

My kitchen has had a very unfinished feel for as long as we've lived in this home {almost three years now}. I think it was due to a big blank wall and my many attempts to try to decorate it. 

But I think I've finally settled into the room. I thought today would be as good as any to share it with you!

Around the the stairs sits our breakfast area...


My new recipe tin! I grabbed this little vintage jewel off Etsy and have been filling it with my own recipe cards! Definitely enjoying it!

Our table caddy. Crayons, duh.

And here's my new love! We picked up this antique window for next to nothing and its huge!! This 5' x 5' piece is a great fit for my blank kitchen wall. And I love that I can change all the decor on it with the passing seasons!

Pinecone garland for fall.

I love having my canisters on the counter. 
It provides easy access to so many great cooking items.
{well... obviously not the dog treats}

I think I'm really going to love my giant window!

Thanks for stopping by the house!


  1. I love the bookcase - is the inside painted brown or is that the wall?

    1. Thanks Danielle! The backing is actually white, just like the rest of the bookcase. But I covered it with butcher paper awhile back to try something new.
      Check it out here: http://www.livealittlewilderblog.com/2013/06/adding-pop-to-bookcase.html