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Friday, November 1, 2013

a peter pan halloween

Captain Hook, Peter Pan, and Wendy had a lovely Halloween!

It was a nasty day here yesterday, but the weather didn't slow us down much. We stopped by a few houses to trick or treat with some family members, then headed to an indoor church fall festival.

Peter Pan had a great time carrying around his bucket and demanding candy. 
He even learned to say "trick or treat" just in time for Halloween.

Peter Pan costume:

I made his hat and shirt out of green felt and a couple of feathers. It's attached with some light elastic. Surprisingly, he didn't mind it a bit!
The belt is a regular brown canvas belt strap with an attachment glued on. I made the dagger out of black and grey felt. White leggings were dyed brown. The brown booties are slip on covers that are strapped over a pair of regular shoes.

Captain Hook costume:

J.B. is wearing an old dress shirt and some old dress pants. I cut the pants off short and put some elastic in them. 
The red vest made out of felt, gold ribbon and gold buttons. 
He's wearing a regular pair of black dress shoes with bright gold card stock "buckles".
His hat was a Halloween store purchase. I spray painted it with a black tint and added some large feathers to the back.

Wendy costume:

My outfit was from scratch {big thanks to my mom who threw the dress together from me}. I added a simple white sash and white hair ribbon for the Wendy look.

All in all, it was a sweet little Halloween. Jake had a great time as Peter Pan and we have another year of fun family costumes behind us.

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