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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a little boy fashion show

Those of you that have little boys know the plight that talking about today. You know the fruitless searching. The jealousy. The endless frustrations and anger. 

That's right. Today we're talking about baby clothes. You laugh now. But I'm semi serious. The boy clothes versus girl clothes battle is a real war. Just think about it:

"Oh you have a girl? Well, here. Take a look over the spacious 3/4 of the department that contains clothing for your little princess. And here's ten thousand accessories. Just close your eyes and choose. Shoes? Oh don't worry, we have an infinite number of beautiful pairs for any occasion you could dream up."

// OR //

"Oh, you have a boy? Well, here. We have two sweaters this season for you to choose from. And some superhero tshirts, hope you like those. For extras, we have a lovely selection of white socks. And you can choose between a pair of sneakers and a pair of black dress shoes for your feet."

That's real life y'all. 

I get asked a lot about where I find Jake's clothes and how the outfits come together. It's no secret that I pretty much skipped the whole "baby" thing and I dress him like a little man. I love that he can have his own personality in what he wears, just like us! And now that he very clearly knows all of his colors and the items he puts on every day, he even helps me pick out his clothes {for the record, he's very into "yerrow" and blue}

Every kiddo is different. Jake is long-waisted and lean, so most of his clothes from Baby Gap, Old Navy, and Carter's. And ya'll should know by now that I'm a bargain shopper so I love to catch any of these places having a great deal. A few of my favorite tricks:

 - Buying a season in advance while items are on a final sale. i.e. summer and early fall items right now to wear when it warms up again. 
 - Sign up for emailed coupons to your favorite stores. 
 - Outlets are always great. Keep an eye out for their big season sales and you'll do well.
 - And good consignment sales are my kryptonite. You can get amazing {even new and never worn} clothes for next to nothing.  And since I don't have the space to keep everything, they are also how I unload a lot of the items that he's grown out of!

Listen Mommas of boys, they don't make it easy on us. We glance over at the little girls section and think, man, life must be so good over there. So in honor of the boys, Jake is putting on a little fashion show in the back yard today. 

scouting inspired henley shirt // OshKosh // {no longer available - consignment find}
khakis // OshKosh outlet // {similar here}
sneakers // Converse // {purchased here}

red long sleeved tee // Baby Gap // {no longer available - similar here}
puffy vest // Carter's // {here}
jeans // Carter's // {here}
red laced high top sneakers // Target // {here}

button up sweater // Baby Gap // {no longer available - consignment find}
yellow striped tee // Old Navy // {no longer available - similar here}
jeans // Carter's // {here}
sneakers // Converse // {purchased here}

white long sleeved tee // Old Navy // {here}
navy button collar sweater // Baby Gap // {no longer available - similar here}
jeans // Carter's // {here}
brown boots // Target //{here}

See! Boys can be cute and fashionable too!

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