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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

the train table

We have a kiddo with a mild {read: not mild at all} obsession with Thomas the Train. I don't even know where it came from since we'd never watched Thomas.
None the less, Jake is completely smitten. Thomas is in the car, in the bed, in the bath, on the television... you get it. 

So what kind of mom would I be if my little man didn't have a train table?

I thought about buying one secondhand and giving it a make over. But then I realized just how much space a typical train table takes up {a lot}. So I started looking for something a little smaller. I mentioned my search over a family dinner with my father-in-law one evening and he immediately volunteered to make Jake a custom table. Hurray!!

I asked for a 2ft by 3ft table that measured around 18-20 inches high. Other than the dimensions, my only request was that it be built in a way that I could take it apart to store it somehow. When Jake tires of it, I want to be able to tuck it away for future kids or even move it when necessary. My father-in-law graciously built a wooden table with detachable legs to my exact size request. It will fit perfectly under Jake's crib if I needed to store it. 

He used 2x2's for the legs and some 1x6's for the edges. The top of the table is a nice cabinet grade plywood. It was carefully sanded and the nail holes were covered with wood filler.

Once I had the table in hand, I just had to decide how to paint it. I started with a crisp coat of white to match the furniture in his room.

Then I taped off the top in a subway-ish pattern.
The pale green also matches the walls in his room. 

Once the paint was dry, I added a gloss protective coat on top.

We decided to get Jake the Thomas the Train Motorized train set.
{I scored a fabulous deal at a children's consignment sale for most of the set}

Best toy ever.  Jake completely flipped when he saw it. He loves to move the trains around and watch them circle the track. He takes the whole track apart almost every day. He's had it for several weeks now, but will still spend hours every day at this table.

I do see why the train tables are typically larger than we made ours. We couldn't fit a large amount of track on this one. But its plenty of space for Jake to play with and the table fits really nicely in the alcove in his room. 

Thanks to my handy father-in-law, my total amount spent was only $8 on paint/gloss and $25 on a second hand train set. 
I'm sure we'll be adding a few new engines for Jake come Christmas time, but he has more than he can even imagine at the moment.

All in all, a hugely successful DIY project.

For more on Jake's nursery, see the room tour { h e r e }.

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  1. Love this table. I also made a version here! Thanks for the inspiration.