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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

inspirational makeovers

It's been quite awhile since I had a room to design and decorate from scratch. Is it crazy that part of me would like to move to a new house just to have a fresh palate to decorate? 

I'll answer that. Yes, its crazy. I love my house.

So since I don't have any need {or funds} to make over any areas, I'm living vicariously through others right now. 
Check out the links and blogs below for some great inspiration!

Like this amazing kitchen makeover over at Manhattan-Nest. 
I'm crazy about it!


Or this little boy's upgraded bedroom from Jeanne Oliver Designs...


And this craft room. Y'all. I want to live here. Every second of every day!


I actually would love to revamping our tiny laundry area. This redo from Jones Design Company is lovely:


I think this last bathroom from Bower Power might be my favorite today. The transformation is gorgeous!


I love all of these great makeovers! 
Maybe they'll help tide me over until its time for another redo around here.
{no promises, J.B.}

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