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Thursday, September 5, 2013

log slice chalkboard {tutorial}

I first grabbed this log slice to use in a dining room centerpiece a while back.
That didn't work out.

And I'm so glad because that log slice turned in this little beauty!

: :  Materials  : :

log slice
chalkboard paint

I started by adding a couple of layers of chalkboard paint. 
{this brand is my favorite}

Then I "scored" the chalkboard area to prep it. One good layer of chalk gets rubbed all over it, then wiped off. 

For this design, I created a simple layout on my computer. 
After trimming it down, I rubbed chalk along the back of the design.

Then I taped the design down and trace the outline. Pushing down on the top of the outline will transfer the chalk onto the surface.

Now fill in the outlines...

And then clean up with a small, damp paintbrush.

This is a great piece that can go anywhere and be changed any time!

Though I might need to leave this up for awhile. 
"Today I am thankful."
 Such a great reminder.

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