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Thursday, September 26, 2013


Love it.

A yard sale. Ugh.
Normally its a yearly ritual around here. What's the opposite of a hoarder? That's me. If something doesn't get used in a year and I can't come up with a good reason to keep it, it's gone. My family jokes that if something isn't nailed down, I sell it in my yard sale each year.

Having said that, its actually been about 18 months since we had a sale. Say it ain't so right?? So I have a couple more days to sort through all my junk and closets and whatnot. If you're local, stop by and buy my stuff! 

Did you guys see Jake's new painting apron earlier this week? That was a small prelude to a new thing around here. I'm calling it

Basically once a week {Tuesdays, hopefully} I'm going to have a fun craft project planned to do with Jake. I love watching him discover his own creativity and displaying all the neat things he makes. He's young, but he seems to really enjoy trying new things. So you'll see some posts about my mini-not-at-all-starving-artist soon!

Boots and scarves!!

Okay, so its still in the high 70's here in Alabama. But I don't care. It's fall. Fall means boots and scarves, dang it. I'm currently wishing I could afford either of these two:
Juletta Riding Boots   /   Infinity Scarf

Alabama football!!
We are pretty hardcore Alabama football fans here in the Wilder household. And if you know anything, even the tiniest little bit, about college football then you know that its extra fun being a fan of this team right now. They're pretty stinkin' awesome.
So if y'all need me on a Saturday afternoon, look no further.

Roll Tide!!

Playing outside with this little guy!
With the temperatures finally lowering, its a lot more tolerable to spend some quality time outside. And boy, does Jake love it!

Being more outgoing. Sometimes people think that because I have a blog and like to share thing here, I'm an extroverted person.

I'm totally not.

Sure, with my circle of friends I'm sarcastic and goofy and fun. But in a crowd of people I don't know, I'd much rather blend in {or hide out}. I'm typically not going to walk up and introduce myself to someone. Heck, or even say hi to an acquaintance in the grocery store {does anyone else sneak around to the next aisle?}. And I'm terrible with smalltalk. It's all just awkward and general pathetic coming from me.

But I'm working on coming out of that shell. I don't want to miss out on getting to know people because I'm too introverted to speak up. And I know sometimes not speaking up can even make you look like a snob. Ack! That's no good.

So help me out, folks. Make me talk to you in Target. Give me the look. The one that says "I know what you wrote on that post that day, Sarah."

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