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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

the nursery now

Jake wasn't even born yet when I first revealed his nursery
It was sweet, but completely unlived in. There were lots of empty shelves and baskets, all waiting for just the right item.

And now that my little man is approaching 17 months, I can say that this room is most definitely lived in. I've been asked several times what his nursery looks like currently, so I thought I'd invite you guys in.

The changing table area has been altered a few times as Jake has gotten older, but it basically houses all of our essentials - diapers, wipes, nail trimmer, q-tips, etc. 

At the prompting of a couple other moms of boys, we did grab a wipe warmer a couple of weeks after Jake was born. And holy cow did it ever help cut down on Jake's "accidents" during diaper changes. I once thought a wipe warmer was the silliest thing to worry about, but now I'm totally a believer.

Also, if you look near the top left bookcase, you'll see that we also splurged for a video monitor. We had no issues with our original Angel Care monitor, but it can't even compare to this great video monitor. Jake is a quiet guy {lucky, I know!} and he can sometimes lay awake for hours. Having a video monitor means we can see if he's passed out or playing and cranky or genuinely upset.  This monitor also has some pretty awesome features like a nightlight, an intercom to talk back to him, and a zoom. It can also do a mobile pan to scan different areas of the room if we choose. Might come in handy when he's able to get out of his bed! 

Now that I've sold you a new video monitor...

Seriously, we love it. And could never go back to anything else. 

Still loving his Eric Carle theme. The Hungry Caterpillar is such a neat children's book and I love how it translates to his room. 

We've officially filled up the baskets on these shelves. Most contain toys. One has hangers. One has extra linens. One is dedicated to lotions and extra bath toys. Jake really doesn't seem to get into these much, but there's nothing there on the bottom two shelves that he really shouldn't touch.

Oh and we quickly added some photos to our once empty frames. 
Newborns pictures of Jake:

I might update these soon. But for now, I still really love looking at that tiny peanut baby in the pictures!

Most of the other side of the room is dedicated to toys and books. 

Yes! My IKEA chair and ottoman are still bright white! Are you amazed?! I am. 

Confession: This is actually my second cover. The original was on there until Jake was almost a year old. But this kiddo had some icky spit up issues early on and inevitably there were some faint stains here. A less picky person probably wouldn't have noticed it, but y'all know me... We grabbed a new cover in January and it still looks great despite my rambunctious toddler. I'm definitely impressed with the IKEA durability on this one.

I do try to keep the toys and books corralled on shelves and in baskets. 
Jake absolutely loves to read and we have so. many. books.
His display book shelves have been wonderful to display  and swap out a lot of his favorites. Most of the others end up in the large basket on the floor.

Still loving the Eric Carle illustrations as well. 
 To see more about the DIY artwork in Jake's room, check out this post.

All in all, I think it's still my favorite room in the house. Everything here is so fun and sweet, just like my little fellow!

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  1. This is such a beautiful room. Thank your for sharing.