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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

washi tape bookmarks {tutorial}

Do any of you guys still read "real" books?
I have an iPad which utilizes the Kindle system. And while it's super convenient for traveling and sharing books, when I use it sometimes I find myself really longing for the real thing. 
J.B. and I are big readers {check out my lists here} and there's just something both of us like about having that must-read paperback on our nightstands. I don't think we'll be tossing out our real books anytime soon. 

And as long as we still have the books, we're going to need some bookmarks...

: :  Materials  : :

decorative tape
sticky magnets

First, I cut my cardstock to a 3 inch width. You can make it longer or shorter if you like. The length of the bookmark will be half the amount that you choose. So my 3" paper will make 1 1/2" bookmarks.

Place your tape along the edge. 

Flip over. Fold over the ends of the top on the backside.

Cover the back with tape as well.

Cut taped area off.

Stick small magnet pieces over the seams on the back.

Fold in half and get to reading!

I love how customizable these are. 
And they'd make a great gift for any fellow reader friends you have!

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