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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

paper pinwheels {tutorial}

Cute, right?

Jake is totally obsessed with pinwheels. Poor kid has no idea how to hold them in the wind or blow on them to make them spin. He just slaps the heck out of the pinwheel to make it twirl around. 
Um, to each their own?

These are really simple and make for great decorations.
 {baby shower, nursery, birthday party, etc} 

: :  Materials  : :

 - scrapbook paper {two patterns}
 - scrapbook adhesive squares
 - thumbtacks
 - wooden rod, pencil, etc for handle

You'll need two patterns of scrapbook paper, one for the front side and one for the back. Use your adhesive squares to stick these papers together {patterned side out}.

Also, cut your paper down to the correct size square, based on how large you want your pinwheel to be. I'm making a smaller pinwheel here, using a 4" square of paper.  Maybe go with a 6" square for a medium pinwheel and an 8" square for a large?

 Got your paper? Good.
Next, fold your square in half, diagonally.

And again.

 Now unfold the square to show the four creases you just made. 

From each corner, cut along the creased lines. Be sure to stop about a half inch from the middle.

Grab a thumbtack and stick it through one of the corners.

Then grab the same corner on the next side of the square and add it to the stick pin.

And the third side...

And the fourth side...

Push the thumbtack through the back of the paper, right in the center.

And then push it into the dowel rod. 
I've seen some folks use pencils as their handles and just push the thumbtack into the eraser. You can paint the dowel rod or pencil handle if you'd like too.

A paper pinwheel!

Granted, they don't spin like regular pinwheels. But they are awfully cute!

I made a bouquet of these for a baby shower/dinner party we hosted last weekend.

But my kiddo just loves to run around the yard with one of these sweet things!

Ahh, that smile! He's the best kiddo ever. 

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