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Thursday, June 27, 2013

fifteen months

Seriously, who is this kid? This is a GIANT toddler. Not my little peanut baby.

 : :  Fifteen Month Stats : :
Height: 31.5 inches {55th percentile}
Weight: 22.7 pounds {50th percentile}

Yup, my little dude is right on the money in size.

: :  Loves  : :
 Bubbles. Holy cow. Bubble wands. Bubble guns. Bubble refill bottles. Shows about bubbles. Books about bubbles. Yelling the word "BUBBLE!" 
Fruit. Jake eats tons of bananas, blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, raspberries, and apples. Now that its really hot, we've also gotten into eating a lot of fruit popsicles. 
Being outside. He loves to explore the yard, play in his wagon, and swing in his baby swing. We also got this awesome splash pad for the backyard and we spend a lot of hot Alabama days playing there.
Talking. Jake says about 20 "real" words like doggie, baby, "nana" for banana, yes, no, mama, dada, papa {my dad}, ball, bubble, duck, book, and many more. He's always always talking, though mostly its baby talk. Yesterday I found him having a full on baby gibberish conversation with his shadow. Then he said "bye bye", waved at himself, and walked away from the shadow. I about died from the cuteness.

: :  Dislikes  : :
Meat. To his momma's dismay. I wouldn't say he's a picky eater, but he never wants to eat meat of any kind.
Mosquitoes. Don't we all? But our backyard opens right into the woods so we get swarms of them. And they eat my poor sweet kiddo up. It seems like we can't keep enough bug spray on him.
Shopping. Ugh! My once awesome little shopping buddy is now a cart hopper. It doesn't matter how many safety straps or fun race car buggies we use, this dude is over shopping with mom. He can wiggle his way out of the seat and start to jump over the side of the cart in record time these days. It does make things a little tricky, but I'm just having to figure out new ways to distract him while I race through the store. 

I know I say it every time, but the stage is my favorite. He so active and fun. And he learns things so quickly!!

Still having a blast as the parents of this fun little fella!!

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