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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

embracing the maxi dress

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I'm really only about two years behind on this fashion trend, right?

It's because I'm short. Really short. Maxi dresses always end up being about a foot too long, and I've put off buying/wearing any because they would need major hemming. Maybe I'm a curmudgeon but there's nothing I hate more that spending good money on clothes only to have to tailor them myself.

Well, this girl is leaving for the beach in a couple of days and I really would love to have a couple of these comfy dresses to pack into my bags. I guess it's time for some DIY action.

After searching around, I decided that I'd really like to try my hand at making a tank top maxi dress. Similar to these...

 { via, via }

 And maybe a skirt or two like this:

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I found quite a few tutorials that make it look pretty simple. But I'm still a beginner sewer, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Want to try one of these yourself? 
Here are my dress making go-to's for both of these projects:

Tank top dress:

Also using tips from these ladies:

And here's the maxi skirt:

Other great sources:

Ever tried your own version of these? 
Got a favorite link? Helpful hints?
Pass them along!

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