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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the puppy pillow beds {tutorial}

Seriously. Have you guys priced dog beds lately??
I'd consider $40 for a decent bed to be a good deal. Umm, yikes!
And for what is essentially a large pillow? No thanks. 

So obviously, I decided pretty quickly to make my own.
My must-haves: a durable fabric, a removable cover, and {since my pups sleep in our bedroom} something cute.

: :  Materials  : : 

 matching zipper
 matching thread

*I have big dogs {understatement}, so I bought a yard of fabric for each bed and just folded it in half for the two sides.

Basically, I made a giant pillow cover. Here's how:

Start by cutting your fabric and laying the right sides facing in towards each other. 
{I'm using double sided fabric here, for what its worth}

Center your zipper on one end of the fabric. Stick a pin above the spots where your zipper starts and ends. 

Now toss your zipper aside and sew that side of the pillow. When you get to the first pin {signalling where your zipper will go} change your stitching to a wider setting. Then when you come to the second pin {where your zipper will end}, change your stitch setting back to normal.

See the difference in the stitches here:

Now, iron your seam open.

And pin your zipper in place {face down}. 

Next, sew down each side of the zipper. 

Flip it over and use a seam ripper to pull out the looser stitches that are in front of your zipper opening.
And try out your zipper. 

Now sew the other three sides.  
Boom. Pillow cover done.

I love that I can remove this cover and toss it into the washing machine when it gets funky. I also made this out of cotton duck fabric. It's a little more expensive than your regular cotton, but it's thicker and holds up much better. 

I stuffed my dog beds with a section of old comforter.
You could also use a thick batting, or even traditional stuffing. Since I wanted to be able to easily remove the cover, I didn't think loose stuffing would work as well.

The batting inside this comforter is about an inch thick.  I cut off a section and folded it four times over before stuffing it inside my cover.

{I know it looks pretty clean here, but this thing is blaaaah} 

I think these puppies approve.

{Denver & Delilah}

All together these beds cost me about $8 each.
My only purchases were the duck fabric {on sale at Hobby Lobby} and a zipper for each bed.
Much better than $80 at the pet store!

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