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Friday, April 26, 2013

the moss letter {tutorial}

I'm loving the spring moss this year.
And after having my gathered linen wreath up for the last two springs, I decided to try something new for my front door this season.

: :  Materials  : :

wooden letter or foam board
sheet moss
hot glue gun/glue

 I didn't find a wooden letter that I particularly liked. So I decided to draw one onto a piece of foam board.
If you don't want to freehand, you could always trace a letter onto the board. I'd recommend making a simple document in Word and then taking it to an office supply store to have it enlarged. An 18 x 24 should be about right {and it should only cost you about $2}.

I used an exacto knife to cut out this bad boy.

I flipped it over and hot glued the letter to the sheet moss.
Cutting various slits in the moss makes it pretty easy to wrap it around the front of the letter.

Ta da!

I added a burlap ribbon to the middle of the letter so I could hang it from the top of the door frame.

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  1. You are soooo talented. Will try this one!! Thank you!!