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Friday, April 12, 2013

one year stats

I realize that I'm a little behind with this post, since Jake has been a year old for three weeks now. 
But you guys seem like a forgiving bunch. 

: :  Stats  : :
{from his 12 month check up}

Height: 30 inches {60th percentile}
Weight: 21 pounds {30th percentile}
Head Size: 47 centimeters {60th percentile}

Jake is a lean mean machine. He's super long-waisted but has short legs. Which means we're in 12-18 month onesies, but still in 6-12 month pants. Bless.

: :  What he's up to  : :
Walking! - Jake started walking at 10 months. Now he's seriously cruising. He loves to run around all over the house and the back yard and explore. Truthfully, this kid has two speeds: asleep and exploring. He's is constantly on the go!

Talking! - He's gotten "mama" and "dada" down pretty well. "Mama" is usually reserved for times that he's tired and wants something, even just to be cuddled. I'm okay with that. "Dada" is the fun word that he yells out all the time to J.B. to get his attention. I'm a little jealous of that... He also loves to fake sneeze and say the word "hot". Not idea where either of those came from but they are pretty hilarious.

Playing! - One of Jake's favorite games is Hide and Seek, which basically consists of you stepping somewhere out of sight and him chasing you down. We go around and around the hallways in our house. He always bursts out laughing when he finds you. It might be the cutest thing ever.

His latest obsession is a 50 cent maraca from Target. I grabbed a two pack from the $1 section thinking "why not" and woah... a musician was born. He loves loves loves his maracas. He carries one around with him 90% of the time, just shaking it while he does other things.  Oddly, he was never into rattles, so maybe I just have a blossoming percussion fellow.

He's also using the big bath tub now, which is guaranteed fun every night. He loves slipping and sliding all around the tub and spraying water everywhere.  J.B. and I keep lots of towels handy because Jake really enjoys getting water out of the tub...

: :  Mom Problems  : :

Eating -  We're working on getting him off of any pureed foods. Which has been a little tricky but is manageable. My biggest issue right now is trying to get protein into him since he dislikes meats. Recipe suggestions are welcome!

Sippy Cups -  This kid loathes drinking from a sippy cups. Loathes. I've been trying for months, with a ton of different kinds. All to no avail. Suggestions welcome here too.

: :  Best Moments  : :

Kisses! -  He's learned to give his momma, and only his momma, open mouth kisses. My heart melts a little every time he does it.

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