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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

fabric padded letters {tutorials}

Every time I see these cute tufted letters I think, "why don't I have some of those?" 
Wouldn't they be great for nursery decorations, party decor, or heck, anything?

So here's a great way to make your own:

: :  Materials  : :

 - cardboard letter {can be found with paper mache items in craft stores}
 - two fabric prints, less than a quarter of a yard of each
 - pillow stuffing
 - hot glue gun & glue sticks

Start by cutting out your fabric around your letter. 
Leave a nice 1-2 inch outline.

Then flip it over and cut out the other side.

These two pieces will be the front and back of your letter. 

Set those aside. 

Now hot glue small tufts of the stuffing to the top of the letter. 

Flip your letter over on top of the fabric.
Begin gluing the fabric over the top of the letter.

If your letter has some curves to it, you'll have to make some snips here and there to move the fabric.

Then flip the letter over, and cover the back side too.

Now grab your second fabric and cut off a long strip.

I like to iron the edges down for a clean look.

Then hot glue the stripe around the edges of your letter.

I used some cute gingham to make a letter for Jake and for the soon-to-arrive Jameson!
{more on his nursery soon!}

A whole name of these would be super cute over a baby crib... 

Or snuggled up to a sweet teddy bear.

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