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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter basket fun

As a Christian {and now a mom}, I am having to learn a new lesson about how to celebrate Easter with a kiddo.  While bunnies and egg hunts and jelly beans are all super fun things, I want Jake to know the true meaning of Easter. That what we are really celebrating is an amazing Savior that rose again.

It's a tough balance act, especially in a secular world that wants to hide Christ into a little Easter cranny rather than fill the holiday with Him. 

Obviously, Jake has just turned one. He doesn't even know where his nose is, let alone the different between an egg and cross. J.B. and I have plenty of time to figure this out. 

Regardless, while we celebrate a risen Christ on Sunday, there will also be some form of egg hunts and candy and Easter baskets this weekend. And here's our version this year...

I went with a Pottery Barn Kids basket. These can be a bit pricey, but I could them on a sale a couple weeks back and also used a coupon. I like that I can change the liner out of this basket. Plus, I figure it's an investment, as we'll use the bad boy until it falls apart.

And the little trinkets this year were a bit tricky. He's not really a baby any longer, but he's just barely getting into the toddler stage. 

Here are my basket goodies so far:

A tiny, adorable stuffed Peter Rabbit 
{purchased at Walgreens of all places. I hunted high and low for just the right rabbit}
Small hardback copy of the Peter Rabbit story
{circa my mom, the school teacher, duh}

Blue bunny bubbles
{no brainer}
A cute, pastel blue slinky
{why not?}

DVD of Dumbo
{because we do a Disney movie with every gift giving holiday}
A bag of Baby Goldfish
{because 1. he needs some sort of yummy snack in his basket.. and 2.  it matches the color theme}

I'd be you a dollar that my mom still has the baskets we all used as kids. 
Maybe she'll let me borrow it for my egg stashing on Sunday!

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