H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter basket fun

As a Christian {and now a mom}, I am having to learn a new lesson about how to celebrate Easter with a kiddo.  While bunnies and egg hunts and jelly beans are all super fun things, I want Jake to know the true meaning of Easter. That what we are really celebrating is an amazing Savior that rose again.

It's a tough balance act, especially in a secular world that wants to hide Christ into a little Easter cranny rather than fill the holiday with Him. 

Obviously, Jake has just turned one. He doesn't even know where his nose is, let alone the different between an egg and cross. J.B. and I have plenty of time to figure this out. 

Regardless, while we celebrate a risen Christ on Sunday, there will also be some form of egg hunts and candy and Easter baskets this weekend. And here's our version this year...

I went with a Pottery Barn Kids basket. These can be a bit pricey, but I could them on a sale a couple weeks back and also used a coupon. I like that I can change the liner out of this basket. Plus, I figure it's an investment, as we'll use the bad boy until it falls apart.

And the little trinkets this year were a bit tricky. He's not really a baby any longer, but he's just barely getting into the toddler stage. 

Here are my basket goodies so far:

A tiny, adorable stuffed Peter Rabbit 
{purchased at Walgreens of all places. I hunted high and low for just the right rabbit}
Small hardback copy of the Peter Rabbit story
{circa my mom, the school teacher, duh}

Blue bunny bubbles
{no brainer}
A cute, pastel blue slinky
{why not?}

DVD of Dumbo
{because we do a Disney movie with every gift giving holiday}
A bag of Baby Goldfish
{because 1. he needs some sort of yummy snack in his basket.. and 2.  it matches the color theme}

I'd be you a dollar that my mom still has the baskets we all used as kids. 
Maybe she'll let me borrow it for my egg stashing on Sunday!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

oh the places he'll go...

 It was such a wonderful party day!

If you will remember from the invitations {check them out here}, we went with a darling travel theme to celebrate Jake's first birthday. We filled the house with maps and globes and sweet party decor. 

I love this tissue paper garland that we hung all throughout the main areas of the house!
Major credit goes to my man, who cut out the shapes {with tissue paper you can cut a ton out at one time} and then I just used transparent tape to attach them to baker's twine. A quick, cheap and pretty decoration!

I also made this giant "1" covered with pictures of Jake's first year. It was a simple craft and I think it was a great addition!

I used poster board to create the original "1", then covered it with burlap fabric for a fun background. Finally I just hot glued about 50 of my favorite pictures to the piece. 

Since the party was right at lunch time, we had some tasty food on hand.
BBQ pork sandwiches, individual serving french fries, potato salad and fruit salad.

Smash cake for Jake and cupcakes for the party goers.

And what's a party without cute glasses and striped straws??

I think Jake had a pretty fabulous time! I mean, he's one. So I can't expect him to have any idea what's really going on. But he loved seeing all of his favorite people! And holy moley, the kid totally racked up in the present department! We have the absolute best friends and family!!

This guitar was a huge hit. With all babies...

{I spy the makings of a future rock band!}

The smash cake didn't go over quite as well.
There was no smashing to be had. This kid is definitely not a cake eater. He basically just looked at it and cried. Bless his heart and give him some fruit.

We finally sent our guests home with a fun little party favor.

Carabiner compasses!

We loved being surrounded by these folks at his party! Our friends and family have made such a dramatic impact on us, especially in the last year. They have supported us, encouraged us and loved on us all. And Jake is a lucky little man to be so cherished!

Thank you for all the wonderful well wishes for our sweet boy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

happy birthday jake!

365 days ago, I met the most amazing little boy on the planet. 

I still can't believe that God chose me to be the momma to this precious babe.

 I've spent the last year soaking up every single moment with him. 
He's amazing, you guys. He really really is.
And today, I'm going to spend the day celebrating with him. Heck, we'll probably be celebrating for days to come!

Oh my gosh, this kid loves balloons!

Happy Birthday sweet Jake!!
We love you to the moon and back!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

oh spring!

It's here!! 

My goodness, friends, we have had the most glorious weather here in Alabama this weekend.
And we've totally soaked up the sun! I love that first spring day spent in the yard, freshing things up for the season.

Fingers crossed that the weather is this beautiful next weekend for Jake's party.
 I optimistically spruced up the porch with some spring flowers {petunias and snap dragons}.

And since we put up some new bluebird houses this year 

I also had to fill up the bird feeder.

But the very best part of the weekend was the time we spent playing outside with our little man.

One. He'll be one this week. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jake's first birthday {the invites}

I've seriously been happily planning this party since my little man was... well, barely born. Now that it's almost here, I can hardly believe it!

Jake's birthday is next Wednesday and his party will be the following weekend. 
I. can. not. wait!!

I decided on a sweet vintage travel theme for his party with the tagline "Oh the places he'll go!"
Maps, globes, suitcases - all with touches of baby blue, tan and brown. I figure I have years of Spiderman, Lego, and Hulk parties in my future with this little boy, so I might as well work in the sweet theme while I can. 

And I had so much fun making his invitations!

These were created out of textured cardstock and and road maps {free! - courtesy of the kind folks at AAA!}.

I think sewing the pennants onto the cardstock gave them a really neat look. 

The envelopes are made with a layer of blue paper and the road maps. 
{card stock was too thick and stiff}.

And I love the butcher paper labels from Martha Stewart! 
{I talked about them in this post}

My tiny little peanut baby is growing up so fast. 

I get really nostalgic thinking about the last year with him, but I'm so proud of how he's growing and learning. He's such a little gentleman!

And I can't wait to share more about this sweet boy's first birthday!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

a new color...

Because you guys know I can't go very long without repainting something...

The downstairs hall bathroom got a little bit of a make over last week. 
I was totally over the tan walls.

Isn't the blue totally refreshing? This is "Winter in Paris" by Valspar.

I'm a fan. 

 I love that little quote.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

fabric padded letters {tutorials}

Every time I see these cute tufted letters I think, "why don't I have some of those?" 
Wouldn't they be great for nursery decorations, party decor, or heck, anything?

So here's a great way to make your own:

: :  Materials  : :

 - cardboard letter {can be found with paper mache items in craft stores}
 - two fabric prints, less than a quarter of a yard of each
 - pillow stuffing
 - hot glue gun & glue sticks

Start by cutting out your fabric around your letter. 
Leave a nice 1-2 inch outline.

Then flip it over and cut out the other side.

These two pieces will be the front and back of your letter. 

Set those aside. 

Now hot glue small tufts of the stuffing to the top of the letter. 

Flip your letter over on top of the fabric.
Begin gluing the fabric over the top of the letter.

If your letter has some curves to it, you'll have to make some snips here and there to move the fabric.

Then flip the letter over, and cover the back side too.

Now grab your second fabric and cut off a long strip.

I like to iron the edges down for a clean look.

Then hot glue the stripe around the edges of your letter.

I used some cute gingham to make a letter for Jake and for the soon-to-arrive Jameson!
{more on his nursery soon!}

A whole name of these would be super cute over a baby crib... 

Or snuggled up to a sweet teddy bear.