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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Martha, you've done it again...

Confession: I have a thing for home office stores. There's just something about clean, fresh paper, blank planners, and ridiculous amounts of pens that makes me happy. 

And yes, I'm a total nerd.


I was wandering through Staples the other day when I discovered this little {not so little} aisle of amazement:
 The Martha Stewart Home Collection.

Martha, my girl, you have done it again. 

I haven't been paid off or perked to write this. I seriously wandered up and down the aisle looking at this collection for an insane amount of time.  I wanted {still want} one of everything. 

Some of it was totally out of my price range. Other things were a great deal. 
Here are a few of my favorites:

The labels!! Peel and stick!
There's chalkboard labels, butcher paper labels, and other cute colors.
Each pack comes with super easy instruction to find the printing template on the Staples website.
I used some of these for Jake's Valentine's Day cards to friends and family. And they will reappear on his birthday invites!

I also think the twisty tie labels are a stroke of genius. Oh Martha...

Cute folders galore!
 Tabs, file folders, organizers, accordion style, magnetic.
It's the mother load.

And the bags...

I want want want this tote!!  {center}
And she made a large laptop case, tablet case {right} and wristlet {left} in matching colors too!

Just a few pieces of the collect!
So go wander your Staples aisles now.
And maybe a few of you can get together on getting me that tote bag.
 I did just have a birthday...

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