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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

heart day craft ideas

I've totally been slacking on the Valentine's Day fun. Just over and week away and we've gotten nothing festive done. Zip. Nadda. Zero.

It's not even that I'm crazy about all things holidays. Okay maybe a little. But I love doing different projects with Jake, and the holidays are a great excuse. He has a blast and I have a ton of ridiculous pieces of artwork to cry over for the next 40 years. 
It's not too early for me to sentimental, is it?

So while I drum up a few projects of my own, here's some great ideas I've found on Pinterest!

I love these little pom-poms! You can make regular colors for every day or change it up for each holiday. Check out my tutorial here.

{XO berry wreath via Etsy}

Criss-cross some floral berry twigs and grab a white berry wreath to make this one yourself!

 {XO cork stamps}

I found a similar tutorial here - adding this to my list of things to try sometime. And a great reason to drink more wine! 

{baby footprint via Etsy}

I wish I could pull this off with Jake. But there's no way those little toes will cooperate for this year. Maybe next year folks.

Is this the typical Heart Day decor? Nope. And I love it!

Some festive inspiration. Time to kick it into gear around here!

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