H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Thursday, February 28, 2013

February via instagram

February has been a whirlwind month.
 It's the last day of the month? How??

But so many things happened...

I had a birthday,

{cookie cake!}

{birthday mail}

and there was some crafting of course.

{painted striped curtains - tutorial to come}

There was book club.

{The Kitchen House}

There were pretty days,

and pretty nails,

{essie's "ladylike"}

and pretty flowers.

{Valentine's Day}

There was a broken A/C,

and drives through the boondocks.

There was a sick baby,

{still sick. double ear infections. bless}

and a happy baby.

 {see food!}

I can't believe that in less than a month, I'll have a one year old!
This momma needs time to slow down!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Martha, you've done it again...

Confession: I have a thing for home office stores. There's just something about clean, fresh paper, blank planners, and ridiculous amounts of pens that makes me happy. 

And yes, I'm a total nerd.


I was wandering through Staples the other day when I discovered this little {not so little} aisle of amazement:
 The Martha Stewart Home Collection.

Martha, my girl, you have done it again. 

I haven't been paid off or perked to write this. I seriously wandered up and down the aisle looking at this collection for an insane amount of time.  I wanted {still want} one of everything. 

Some of it was totally out of my price range. Other things were a great deal. 
Here are a few of my favorites:

The labels!! Peel and stick!
There's chalkboard labels, butcher paper labels, and other cute colors.
Each pack comes with super easy instruction to find the printing template on the Staples website.
I used some of these for Jake's Valentine's Day cards to friends and family. And they will reappear on his birthday invites!

I also think the twisty tie labels are a stroke of genius. Oh Martha...

Cute folders galore!
 Tabs, file folders, organizers, accordion style, magnetic.
It's the mother load.

And the bags...

I want want want this tote!!  {center}
And she made a large laptop case, tablet case {right} and wristlet {left} in matching colors too!

Just a few pieces of the collect!
So go wander your Staples aisles now.
And maybe a few of you can get together on getting me that tote bag.
 I did just have a birthday...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

s'mores pops {recipe}


Geez, I've made a billion of these lately. A batch for my house, a batch for a church small group party, a batch for book club, umm, another batch my house... Yeah, you get it. We like them.

And oh my gosh, so easy to make!

: :  Ingredients  : :

cake pop sticks
melted chocolate
graham cracker crumbs

I'm going to walk you through this. Just in case you are one of those people that burns water...

Marshmallow on the stick.

Dip it in the chocolate.

I like to use the Baker's Dipping Chocolates:

Then roll in the graham cracker crumbs.

I usually set them on wax paper. You can also stick them in the fridge for a bit to help the chocolate set. Do what you like - there's really no way mess this up. 


My final parting tip is that you shouldn't give your 10 month old baby a giant marshmallow.
Obviously it would be to keep them busy while you put together a batch of these goodies.
 You'll be tempted. But hold fast. That giant, nasty, sticky mess is one that will haunt you for days. Years even. You'll be picking dried bits of marshmallow out of the nooks and crannies of your kitchen on the day of his high school graduation.

Not that that happened to us. No siree. I would never do something that dumb.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


loving: playing with my sweet boy! He is totally into chase and hide & seek. I love love love to hear him laugh and giggle as he crawls after me.

reading: The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. And by reading, I mean speed reading before my book club meeting tomorrow night! Eeek! I'm so mad at myself for not reading a single book yet this year. My 2012 Book List just sits over on the side bar all sad and lonely. Someday, book list, someday you'll be remembered.

waiting for: my tax refund. Not that I'm doing anything luxurious with it {hi savings account!} but there's just something about waiting to get the money that makes me excited and impatient. Am I alone here?

excited about: a date night with my hubby this weekend! It's been way too long since we've been able to hang out just the two of us! Many thanks to Gramma and Papa for babysitting our little man.

wearing: this LOFT scarf that I got for my birthday last week. It may not seem like much to you guys, but for this neutral wearing girl, it's waaaaay out of my comfort zone. But its just so cute! And a great piece to jazz up a simple top with jeans. Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for this sweet gift!

using: my crockpot more and more. It makes meals so much easier

planning: Jake's first birthday party! You guys, I can't believe it. And I'm so so so excited! More to come on this as we get closer.

singing: the theme song to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The second Mickey comes on the screen Jake throws his hands up and yells. It's so cute. We rewind to watch it over and over again.

needing: a vacation. I'd even take a weekend getaway at this point. This place looks lovely.

learning: to be still. Waiting on God has never been my forte. I'm a take-charge-never-let-the-dust-settle type of gal. When my life is paused in a single place, I get restless, frustrated, even desperate at times to make something happen. But I'm learning to be still. To embrace this place that He has me.

enjoying: season three of Downton Abbey. I adore so so many things about this show! And I will come undone if they do something terrible during the season finale next week. Sometimes people think watching Downtown Abbey makes me snobby. Then I tell them that I also love Catfish and they think I'm normal again.

working on: cleaning out my closet. Clothes to donate, clothes to for a yard sale. It's just that time again!

listening to: lots of fun new music. This is the most played on my list right now:

doing: way too much. I've recently been temporarily covering a few things at my old job while a girl is out on maternity leave. With all of the other things I have going on, its been a lot. I'll be glad for some lazy days when its all over.

dreaming of: spring! Days at the park, walks on the trails, wandering through the outside shops. I can't wait to soak up that happy, warm sun! 

wishing: time would slow down. Jake is growing up so fast and this momma can't take it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

heart day craft ideas

I've totally been slacking on the Valentine's Day fun. Just over and week away and we've gotten nothing festive done. Zip. Nadda. Zero.

It's not even that I'm crazy about all things holidays. Okay maybe a little. But I love doing different projects with Jake, and the holidays are a great excuse. He has a blast and I have a ton of ridiculous pieces of artwork to cry over for the next 40 years. 
It's not too early for me to sentimental, is it?

So while I drum up a few projects of my own, here's some great ideas I've found on Pinterest!

I love these little pom-poms! You can make regular colors for every day or change it up for each holiday. Check out my tutorial here.

{XO berry wreath via Etsy}

Criss-cross some floral berry twigs and grab a white berry wreath to make this one yourself!

 {XO cork stamps}

I found a similar tutorial here - adding this to my list of things to try sometime. And a great reason to drink more wine! 

{baby footprint via Etsy}

I wish I could pull this off with Jake. But there's no way those little toes will cooperate for this year. Maybe next year folks.

Is this the typical Heart Day decor? Nope. And I love it!

Some festive inspiration. Time to kick it into gear around here!