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Friday, January 4, 2013

the wooden display

I have lots of awkward hallway walls in my house.
It's my own fault since I dislike open floor plans.

So I'm constantly coming up with things to stick on the walls
 - chalkboards, frames, gallery walls, etc etc. 

I think this little display came out of a need for a place to keep all my Christmas cards this year...

{ugh. the other downer about the awkward hallways is the horrendous light and impossibly angles. 
sorry for the yucky pictures here.}

Minus the clutter.

I used 4 x 1 boards for this display - all stained and fastened together in the back with two very thin support boards.

It's not super heavy but J.B. hung this on a wire to make it extra sturdy.

After taking my Christmas cards down, I added some more things to the board...

Like a January calendar, some photos and recipes from my mother-in-law.

I like that I can totally accessorize it any time I want. Party invitations, cards, calendars, pictures... lots of options. And it adds just a bit of warmth to this dreary hallway towards the kitchen.

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