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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

covered diaper boxes {tutorial}

Something about the new year always makes me want to get more organized.

I guess I'm not alone since it seems like all of the storage boxes and whatnot are on on full display in every store. 
But this year I decided to save a few dollars and create some of my own storage containers with something every young mom has laying around... diaper boxes! Finally, Jake's little size three bum is putting some money back in my wallet.

This turned out to be way simpler than I thought. 
I found these tutorials online for a variety of options:

DIY On the Cheap with a simple glued exterior cover {similar to my method today}
Mandy's Krafty Exploits with a fabric liner over a spray painted or covered box

Since I'm just using these containers to sort junk in the laundry room, I was only worried about covering the outside of them. I suppose if your boxes were out on display a bit more, you might want to cover the inside as well.

 I used a cheap cloth canvas (4x5) from Lowe's as my material. I can cover two boxes with one $5 canvas. Since my boxes, scissors, adhesive and decorations were all on hand, these boxes cost me only $2.50 each!

First, cut the flaps off your box.

Then prep your material. I'd recommend ironing the fabric first, just to get any weird creases out.  It's sort of like wrapping a present. Make sure that when you center the box on the fabric, you have enough material to cover each side. 
{Excess can be trimmed off later, so don't worry about it being perfect}

Center your box in the correct position. 
Then glue down. I'm using a spray fabric adhesive. A glue gun would be great too.

Once your box is in the perfect place {and not moving}, cut a slit in your fabric coming from each corner of the box all the way to the edge of the material.

Next, cut off your corners - while leaving a 2 inch fold. You want to cut a line parallel the edge of the box, just bumped over a few inches. Did that make sense? Check out the picture below for clarity...

 I where the black line is. Which, by the way, I completely eyeballed.

So each corner should look something like this:

Now you just fold and glue! Start with the smaller ends. Fold the material up and glue to the box.

Go ahead and attach those tabs to the box after you glue down the two short sides.

When you fold up the other two long sides, fold the tabs in before attaching to the box. That creates a clean look on the corners.

And since I didn't want my boxes to be quite so blah, I added a brown burlap ribbon around the outside.

My boxes are holding junk in my laundry room. Sorry folks, nothing glamorous here.

Even if it isn't very chic, I still like my straighten up laundry room.   
And these boxes could be used anywhere from playrooms to cabinets to bookcases! You could label with with paper labels or even a fabric paint design if you wanted to get fancy.

And I guess as long as Jake is in diapers, I've got plenty of free materials. 


I also can't go without passing along a great big ROLL TIDE from my little man.
We had a great time watching Alabama win another football championship last night. 
Here's to many more!


  1. I may have to try this, simply because I am sick to death of buying plastic totes. Nice work. :)

  2. Love your blog and everything you stand for!! Gal. 2:20