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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

baby burp cloths {tutorial}

You know, I've made about a million of these burp cloths. But it wasn't until I had a little man of my own that I really loved them. They are cute and functional and easy to make. 

So clearly, Jake has a ton of them. We used them for spit up cloths {yuck!} in the early days. And now they also work great to use while he's eating his mushy foods. Every stain seems to come out of them, and they last for ages! Last week the nursery worker at our church even pulled one out of his bag and wanted to know where I got them. Te-he!

The burp cloths are also a go-to gift anytime a good friend of mine is having a baby. So while I was making these sweet cloths for Baby Jameson {and his momma, Jill}, I thought I'd capture a few pictures to show you guys just how quick and easy they were. 
: :  Materials  : :

patterned cotton fabric
terry cloth fabric
sewing machine/thread

First, cut out your fabric. I usually make my burp cloths about 10 inches by 18 inches, but there's no rule. Just make sure to cut both your terry cloth and your printed fabric the same size. 

Then you'll want to pin the two fabrics together. 
{good sides face in}

Now sew around the outside of the burp cloth. I like to get pretty close to the edge. 
Make sure to leave a 3-4 inch gap somewhere so you can turn it right side out again!

If you have a lot of fabric outside of the seam, feel free to trim it off.
Then pull the fabric though that gap to turn your burp cloth right side out. 

I also like to iron it at this point. It helps the fabric lay the correct way.

Fold the fabrics in and pin the opening closed.

Sew around the outside of the burp cloth, again very close to the edge. 
This should close that gap.

I also like to add another seam about a half inch inward. Simply cosmetic. I just think it makes the burp cloth look a little more polished.

And voila! You're done! 

I did a couple of different colors in a gingham check print. Hopefully these will match little Jameson's rocket ship nursery!

Keep your eyes peeled for a couple of other project's coming up for this little dude's nursery!


  1. These are so cute! What kind of terry cloth do you use? On the bolt or do you buy towels? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sheila, I typically buy an amount by the bolt. But you could totally repurpose a towel of some sort!