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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a new year

First post of the new year and I already feel like I have so many firsts to share! 
Prepare for yourself for pictures...

Jake's first Christmas... It was so wonderful and happy and yes, fun! There's nothing like sweet children on Christmas morning, opening gifts and playing with toys!

We were also able to spend loads of time with family this year, including the great grandparents

{with Great Grandaddy}                                          {with Great Gram}

 And my brother's family in from San Diego! Jake finally got to meet his cousin Olivia and we all had tons of fun watching these two play.

It was such a special holiday. And a wonderful way to kick start the new year. 
J.B. and I are so excited to watch how Jake will grow and learn in 2013!!

And for the blog, it's been a pretty lovely year as well! 
I've had a blast sharing my life with you all! Here's to 2013!!

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