H O M E                     A B O U T                      D I Y                      R E C I P E S                     S H O P

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

baby burp cloths {tutorial}

You know, I've made about a million of these burp cloths. But it wasn't until I had a little man of my own that I really loved them. They are cute and functional and easy to make. 

So clearly, Jake has a ton of them. We used them for spit up cloths {yuck!} in the early days. And now they also work great to use while he's eating his mushy foods. Every stain seems to come out of them, and they last for ages! Last week the nursery worker at our church even pulled one out of his bag and wanted to know where I got them. Te-he!

The burp cloths are also a go-to gift anytime a good friend of mine is having a baby. So while I was making these sweet cloths for Baby Jameson {and his momma, Jill}, I thought I'd capture a few pictures to show you guys just how quick and easy they were. 
: :  Materials  : :

patterned cotton fabric
terry cloth fabric
sewing machine/thread

First, cut out your fabric. I usually make my burp cloths about 10 inches by 18 inches, but there's no rule. Just make sure to cut both your terry cloth and your printed fabric the same size. 

Then you'll want to pin the two fabrics together. 
{good sides face in}

Now sew around the outside of the burp cloth. I like to get pretty close to the edge. 
Make sure to leave a 3-4 inch gap somewhere so you can turn it right side out again!

If you have a lot of fabric outside of the seam, feel free to trim it off.
Then pull the fabric though that gap to turn your burp cloth right side out. 

I also like to iron it at this point. It helps the fabric lay the correct way.

Fold the fabrics in and pin the opening closed.

Sew around the outside of the burp cloth, again very close to the edge. 
This should close that gap.

I also like to add another seam about a half inch inward. Simply cosmetic. I just think it makes the burp cloth look a little more polished.

And voila! You're done! 

I did a couple of different colors in a gingham check print. Hopefully these will match little Jameson's rocket ship nursery!

Keep your eyes peeled for a couple of other project's coming up for this little dude's nursery!

Monday, January 28, 2013

video monday

I've always read that January is the most depressing month of the year. Mondays are definitely the most depressing day of the week. And my goodness, I can't take this foggy, dreary weather for much longer. 

Having said all of that, today I'm posting a few short videos of Jake that are sure to make all of us smile. iPhone quality, sorry. But prepare yourself for an overload of cuteness...

Here's Jake just learning to crawl:

{7 months}

Sending a message to Daddy:

{8 months}

And playing in the tub:

{10 months}

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

my new year's resolution

Well, we've officially made through three weeks of 2013.

And though the giant celebration in Times Square and our victory dance over the Mayan calendar is just a memory, I'm proud to say that I haven't forgotten my resolution!

And its time to fess up. Maybe you can give me some tips. Maybe you can just help hold me accountable. 


In 2013, I have resolved to have a more
 organized kitchen.

Running to the grocery store almost every day is exhausting.  And dumb. As is spending a ridculous amount of money on groceries and eating out. So begins my two step road to recovery...

Step one:
I bought this nifty little planner at Target And with an inappropriate amount of pomp and circumstance I crowned it as my meal organizer.

On the front flap, I've kept a loose idea of what I'd like to serve for dinner each night.  I use this as a general outline for my grocery list. So while this is what I plan for based on our schedule, it's not necessarily what we have to eat each night. {<--- a="" all="" away="" doesn="" from="" i="" last="" like="" line="" my="" myself="" nbsp="" personality="" plan.="" repeat="" stray="" t="" the="" this="" time.="" to="" type="">"NO! The list says grilled chicken! We must eat grilled chicken or we shall surely die!

Then on the listed days, I keep track of what we actually do eat each night after all is said and done. Did we stick to the meals listed? Notes on the new recipes I try go here too. It's great to have a place to keep tips for future adjustments, portions, flavors, etc. 

I also list when we eat out - something we're guilty of far too often. Keeping specific tabs on the eating out has really helped us cut back in the area. And now that meals are planned ahead and groceries are already purchased, we have a much better excuse to eat at home.

This is step one... Want to know what step two is?

You might have guessed it by now....

Step two:
As of 2013, I officially entered the couponing world!

Though I have to confess, I doubt I'll ever be very good at it.

I coupon for what I want and will use, not to stockpile a massive amount of food or purchase $400 of groceries for ten cents. Since I don't plan on making any major modifications to our family diet and meals based on sale prices, I'd definitely consider myself an eternal amateur.  Still, its nice to know that I can spend 15 minutes printing out coupons or cutting a few from our Sunday paper and save $20-$30 at the store. 
That can add up to over $100/month.
 {Hello news shoes!... Okay, okay, I kid... A little.}

So here's to saving more and spending less. 
Here's to new recipes and maybe even adding some culinary skills to my very bleak cooking arsenal.

And here's hoping that you guys will help me out as I try to navigate amongst the extreme couponers and Rachel Rays of the world!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

something I'm loving today: navy

I'm sure this trend is totally over for everyone else. 
But I'm still smitten. 

I do love blue, so I'll probably always be smitten.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

covered diaper boxes {tutorial}

Something about the new year always makes me want to get more organized.

I guess I'm not alone since it seems like all of the storage boxes and whatnot are on on full display in every store. 
But this year I decided to save a few dollars and create some of my own storage containers with something every young mom has laying around... diaper boxes! Finally, Jake's little size three bum is putting some money back in my wallet.

This turned out to be way simpler than I thought. 
I found these tutorials online for a variety of options:

DIY On the Cheap with a simple glued exterior cover {similar to my method today}
Mandy's Krafty Exploits with a fabric liner over a spray painted or covered box

Since I'm just using these containers to sort junk in the laundry room, I was only worried about covering the outside of them. I suppose if your boxes were out on display a bit more, you might want to cover the inside as well.

 I used a cheap cloth canvas (4x5) from Lowe's as my material. I can cover two boxes with one $5 canvas. Since my boxes, scissors, adhesive and decorations were all on hand, these boxes cost me only $2.50 each!

First, cut the flaps off your box.

Then prep your material. I'd recommend ironing the fabric first, just to get any weird creases out.  It's sort of like wrapping a present. Make sure that when you center the box on the fabric, you have enough material to cover each side. 
{Excess can be trimmed off later, so don't worry about it being perfect}

Center your box in the correct position. 
Then glue down. I'm using a spray fabric adhesive. A glue gun would be great too.

Once your box is in the perfect place {and not moving}, cut a slit in your fabric coming from each corner of the box all the way to the edge of the material.

Next, cut off your corners - while leaving a 2 inch fold. You want to cut a line parallel the edge of the box, just bumped over a few inches. Did that make sense? Check out the picture below for clarity...

 I where the black line is. Which, by the way, I completely eyeballed.

So each corner should look something like this:

Now you just fold and glue! Start with the smaller ends. Fold the material up and glue to the box.

Go ahead and attach those tabs to the box after you glue down the two short sides.

When you fold up the other two long sides, fold the tabs in before attaching to the box. That creates a clean look on the corners.

And since I didn't want my boxes to be quite so blah, I added a brown burlap ribbon around the outside.

My boxes are holding junk in my laundry room. Sorry folks, nothing glamorous here.

Even if it isn't very chic, I still like my straighten up laundry room.   
And these boxes could be used anywhere from playrooms to cabinets to bookcases! You could label with with paper labels or even a fabric paint design if you wanted to get fancy.

And I guess as long as Jake is in diapers, I've got plenty of free materials. 


I also can't go without passing along a great big ROLL TIDE from my little man.
We had a great time watching Alabama win another football championship last night. 
Here's to many more!

Friday, January 4, 2013

the wooden display

I have lots of awkward hallway walls in my house.
It's my own fault since I dislike open floor plans.

So I'm constantly coming up with things to stick on the walls
 - chalkboards, frames, gallery walls, etc etc. 

I think this little display came out of a need for a place to keep all my Christmas cards this year...

{ugh. the other downer about the awkward hallways is the horrendous light and impossibly angles. 
sorry for the yucky pictures here.}

Minus the clutter.

I used 4 x 1 boards for this display - all stained and fastened together in the back with two very thin support boards.

It's not super heavy but J.B. hung this on a wire to make it extra sturdy.

After taking my Christmas cards down, I added some more things to the board...

Like a January calendar, some photos and recipes from my mother-in-law.

I like that I can totally accessorize it any time I want. Party invitations, cards, calendars, pictures... lots of options. And it adds just a bit of warmth to this dreary hallway towards the kitchen.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a new year

First post of the new year and I already feel like I have so many firsts to share! 
Prepare for yourself for pictures...

Jake's first Christmas... It was so wonderful and happy and yes, fun! There's nothing like sweet children on Christmas morning, opening gifts and playing with toys!

We were also able to spend loads of time with family this year, including the great grandparents

{with Great Grandaddy}                                          {with Great Gram}

 And my brother's family in from San Diego! Jake finally got to meet his cousin Olivia and we all had tons of fun watching these two play.

It was such a special holiday. And a wonderful way to kick start the new year. 
J.B. and I are so excited to watch how Jake will grow and learn in 2013!!

And for the blog, it's been a pretty lovely year as well! 
I've had a blast sharing my life with you all! Here's to 2013!!