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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

best of 2013

I can't believe that 2013 is already coming to a close!

It's been a pretty sweet year for my little blog.
Here's a highlight of a few of your favorite posts:

painted coir mat  /  DIY iphone cover
faux fireplace  /  burlap door hanger
fabric padded letter  /  log slice chalkboard

sweet nutella dip  /  mini veggie frittatas
fruit pizza cups  /  s'mores pops
cheesy sausage dip  /  nutella crunch ice cream cake

Thank you for such a lovely 2013! For your comments and pins and likes and notes.
I so love getting to share my life and projects with each of you.

Cheers to 2014!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

merry christmas

I hope you are up to your ears in love and merriment this Christmas. 
I know we sure are.

I'm looking forward to some wonderful family time and taking a short break from blogging this week.
Feel free to tag along on Instagram to see what we're up to.

And have a wonderful Christmas, friends!

Friday, December 20, 2013

a christmas home

I really feel like I've slacked off on Christmas decor this year. I've had a very slow and methodical decorating energy and I've really held back. 

A busy holiday schedule, a crazy work life, and a little boy with RSV and double ear infections doesn't help either. 

But I did get a few new things going this year. And I stuck with a very muted, vintage vibe. Greens, neutrals, golds. Pretty much exactly what you'd expect...

I love having a real wreath on our front door. When Home Depot had theirs for only $5, I just couldn't resist!
I alllllmost talked J.B. into a real tree this year. I love the idea of having a family day to go pick out the tree! But we waited a bit late on the decision and finally just decided to put up our old one. I think next year, we'll be ready!

I so enjoyed having my first Christmas mantle for the stockings!

 I bought these wooden nutcrackers at Hobby Lobby early in the season with the intent of at least painting them white. But I'm actually really enjoying the wood texture against the white fireplace. I suppose my laziness is finally paying off somewhere.

I also  love changing out the nick knacks on my shelves to the simple winter decor. 

A few of my chalkboards get a lovely Christmas makeover as well.

And since the addition of the large antique window in the kitchen, I also have new place there to add something festive. 
It was donned with an evergreen garland. I added some burlap ribbon and a sweet rusty star garland in the mix. This might be my favorite new thing this year.

My unfinished task at the moment is my dining room. If you'll recall, we host a large Christmas Eve dinner here for all of our family. I've really put off my place cards and table setting thus far, but I did break out the sweet advent calendar from last year.

 So here's hoping I get my tail in gear over the next few days. There are entirely too many presents to wrap and a crazy amount of final touches to do!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

christmas card love

Have you sent out your Christmas cards yet?

I must admit to being that girl that likes to have her cards in hand by mid November. Otherwise I feel so rushed to address them and send them off. Christmas cards are something that I truly enjoy doing this time of year so I like to take my time with photos, designs and even how I'll design the envelopes {yes, I design all 60 envelopes or so that we sent out - its a sickness really}.

One of my very favorite moments is going through all the new designs. I'm pretty loyal tiny prints customer. Here are a few beautiful ones I came across this year:









And here's my sweet family this year. 
Isn't Jake the cutest?!

Friday, December 13, 2013

embellished handmade stockings {tutorial}

I've been on the lookout for the perfect neutral colored stockings for weeks now.
But I couldn't seem to find just the right ones that fit within my budget. 

{You know what's coming next right?}

So I decided to attempt to make some of my own.

I'm hoping this tutorial is helpful to you guys. I've mentioned before that I sort of have my own way of sewing {i.e. I make it up as I go along}. But I did put in a lot of pictures that hopefully will help if you'd like to try this on your own. And it wasn't hard at all!

I decided to make my stocks out of a textured muslin. Super affordable and just the right shade I was imagining. I also decided to line these stockings with some white organza. That's totally optional.

Start by creating a pattern. I just used one of our old stocking and traced it onto posterboard. You can also freehand this if you are looking to create a more unique shape. 

{this is two pieces. one for the base of the stocking and one for the flap that folds over.}

Now trace your pattern onto the fabric and cut out. I left a little bit of space along the edge to allow for the hem. Remember you'll need two sides. 

If you're making a lining as well, trace the pattern onto your organza as well.

Pin the two sides together. Wrong side out.

Hem around each stocking. Make sure to leave the top open!

Next, turn your stock right side out. Place the organza inside the outer stocking. Pin the tops of the two in the correct place. 

Then sew a hem around the top edge to  the two together.

Next we're going to make the top flap. That'll fold over and cover up the rough edge at the top here as well. 

Use your pattern to cut out the fabric. I made mine twice as long rather that make a front and back that had to be sewn together. 

Iron over and hem on long side.

Then hem the two short ends together.

Finally, attach the top flap to the rest of the stocking. You'll want to turn it right side out and then place in inside the stocking. The unhemmed edge needs to line up with the top edge of the stocking. Sew around the top edge of the stocking again, just like when you attached the organza. 

Once it's sew, pull the flap out. Should look like this:

Then fold it over the outside of the stocking and wa-la! A stocking!

I added some fun embellishments to these stockings as well. Ribbons, some fake evergreen, jingle bells and some wooden letters were all glued on. All little items that can be found around the craft store. Get creative!


I'm not using a lot of red this year. Mostly neautrals {shocker}, metallics, and shades of green.
I love how these join right in!


Have you been voting for Jake this week!

Remember he's one of the Tinyprints finalists!


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Thanks for supporting us!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

the cutest kid

Hi!! Our fabulous Tiny Prints voting starts today!!

This photo of Jake was selected amount nine other finalists for the Tiny Prints cutest kid. The photo will go onto the Tiny Prints stationary, website, magazine, etc. And there are some neat prizes for the top winners! 

I can't believe we were even contacted as a finalist in this! I'm super super super excited!! 

So please go vote for our little fella'! You've all basically adopted him as your own anyway, right?


Click the photo or go { h e r e } to vote!

You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for supporting the blog, our family and our little man! 

The official deets:
Facebook profile needed. 
Voting is from December 10-17. 
You can vote once per day, each day. 
I've stationed a link over on the right sidebar for you to use this week!

Monday, December 9, 2013

diy pocket tees

Yes, I realize that tshirts might not be the most popular clothing item right now if you're living somewhere chilly. But these cute shirts make great Christmas gifts! 

Retailing at around $30-$40 each, I just can't stomach to buy one. Not when they are this easy to make! 

: :  Materials  : :

fabric swatch 
heatbond/iron on fabric webbing 
sewing machine/thread

Start with a tshirt and fabric swatch of your choice. I do not recommend using a heavy fabric like a duct. The weight of the pocket will cause it to pull away from the tshirt.

{hopefully my patterned ironing board and my fabric pattern combo won't make your eyes bleed in these pictures. I promise I'll try to change them out next time I make one of these tees}

First, cut out your pocket with a half inch of extra material on all four sides. Since I've made several of these for myself and for friends, I created a poster board pocket pattern to help with this project. I'd definitely encourage you to draw out a pocket that's sized and shaped to your liking. The sturdier the material the better, especially if you're going to use it multiple times.

With the right side facing down, fold the extra fabric edge back over the pattern and press. 

Next, place your heat bond inside the folds of the fabric and press the edges together. This should result in a "ready to go" pocket!

Sew the top hem of your pocket. You'll want to do this independent of the tshirt so that the pocket will open at the top! 

Next, pin the pocket onto the tshirt in your desired location. I think there is a bit of science to this. If the tshirt is mine, I like to try it on and then hold my pocket up so I know I'm getting it just right. 

Once your pocket is pinned, sew down the other three sides to the tshirt.

And wa la!

{feel free to ignore my Monday morning hair and awkward face. Jake is clearly the model in our family}

 But look at this cute tshirt! Since I have things like scrap fabric and heatbond on hand, I spent $4 on this project just in the purchase of the tshirt!

I think next I'll be making a few out of a dyed fabric. I like the worn, faded look that comes from hand dying a white tshirt.

So grab some shirts and fabric scraps and get to gifting!