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Monday, December 3, 2012

oreo cheesecake cookies {recipe}

Yum! These are delish!!
Well, only if you like Oreos and cheesecake and cookies. Otherwise, I guess they are completely terrible.

Warning, this recipe is a bit messy. Which I suppose makes it kid-friendly.
Isn't that how that works? Messy = kids love it? 

:: Ingredients ::

1/2 cup of butter
3 ounces of cream cheese
1 cup of sugar
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 cup of flour
1 cup of crushed Oreo's {7-8 Oreo's}

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.
Then crush the Oreo's and set them aside.
{if you're extra awesome, use Double Stuffed Oreo's}

 In a large bowl, mix your butter, sugar, cream cheese and vanilla together until smooth. 

Then slowly add in your flour. 
{Slowly, because otherwise your kitchen will be a big white mess. Trust me, people.}

Now here comes the fun. Grab a chunk of your dough and roll it in the crushed Oreo's. When you're rolling it around in the crumbles, it'll form a ball shape. Mine are around the size of golf balls here.

 Then place the dough balls on a greased cookie sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes or until the edges of the cookie start to brown.

Give them a few minutes to cool. Then enjoy!
These were a big win at my house! I made an extra big batch and took them to a football party {Roll Tide!!} and sent some to work with my husband this morning.


  1. is there a need to flatten the balls before baking or will it just spread as it bakes? thanks!!!

    1. You don't have to flatten the dough balls. I usually will give them a tiny smush before sticking them in the oven, but I don''t think it makes much difference.

  2. do you have to keep them in the refrigerator after baking them???