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Thursday, December 20, 2012

nine months!

I can't believe my little stud is nine months old today!!

Seriously, when did this happen....

Jake is a fast moving machine these days. He's crawling so quickly, pulling up on everything, and dangerously close to walking. He jets all over the place with his little musical walker. And we've dubbed him Evil Knievil because he thinks he can jump over, walk on top of, or crawl around anything he wants to. 

Despite his nonstop baby chatter {so cute}, the only real word he's saying right now is Momma. Which is totally 100% okay with me.   

We also discovered that Jake loves music, especially Disney music. If he ever gets upset in the car, we play the Pandora Disney music station for him over the radio. He's immediately quiet. {People think thats crazy until they see him do it. It's amazing.}
 He'll play with his Baby Einstein piano for hours on end. And we've now learned to buy toys, games, and even books for him that make sounds and sing songs. I love to think that I've got a little Mozart  {or Justin Bieber? haha} on my hands. Can't wait until he learns to sing!

Jake was diagnosed pretty early with severe reflux, and we're still battling that. But he's eating all sorts of fun things now. Most of his meals are the baby food purees,  but he also gets to try most of our table food when we all eat dinner together in the evenings.

I absolutely cannot wait for his first Christmas! He's getting all sorts of fun presents {which I'm sure  he will promptly ignore to play with the boxes and paper they came in}. And he'll also get to meet his cousin Olivia for the first time! 
I've posted about my brother David, sister-in-law Melissa and precious niece Olivia here, here, and here. And I'm pee-in-my-pants excited about them coming here for the week of Christmas!! I can't wait catch up with my SIL and brother and watch the two munchkins play together!

Happy nine months, LoveBug! 
We are loving watching you learn and grow!!

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