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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

DIY advent calendar {tutorial}

I know, I know, it's December 4th and I'm just now posting this advent calendar.
Truthfully, I started this project several weeks ago and then set it aside. Fast forward through Thanksgiving and holiday decorating and ahhh! Time totally crept up on me!

This is a Pinterest project that I've been wanting to do since last Christmas. I realize the purpose of an advent calendar is actually to count down until Christmas, but I'd rather just look at it all gussied up and pretty. 

I started with a 16 x 20 canvas and covered it with a cream drop cloth fabric.

Then created some simple tags. I used sewing pins to attach them to the canvas.

 Most of the ornaments are nik naks from my craft supplies. I picked up a couple tiny ones at the store to fill in all twenty-five.

1. cinnamon sticks  2. snowflake ornaments  3. gold leaf twig  4. burnt flower  5. felt evergreen twig

6. folded ribbon  7. rustic star ornament  8. bell  9. Noel ornament  10. string of pearl beads

11. rustic bell ornament  12. tiny grapevine wreath  13. feathers  14. music stamp  15. pinecone

16. tiny banner  17. glitter balls  18. white painted pine cone  19. folded flower  20. jingle bells

21. gold berry twig  22. Joy ornament  23. twig  24. gold ribbon  25. glittery globe ornament

Some of the ornaments are actually hanging from the pins. Some are hot glued to the cards.
{thus not taking them off and on}
I finished up with a few brands around the edges. I like the final touch!

And here are a few others out there like mine:




And a few other completely different advent calendars that I love:




I might be a few days behind, but I'll definitely be enjoying this for the rest of the Christmas season!

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  1. Hi I just stumbled upon your blog. You have a lovely home and family. Your little man was born on mine and my brothers birthday! he is our new birthday buddy :)