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Thursday, December 13, 2012

a pinterest day

If you're anything like me, you have a crazy amount of great ideas pinned to your Pinterest boards. Probably way more ideas than you have the time or patience for.

Every now and then I get an itch to follow through on a few. So yesterday was deemed a two craft Pinterest day.

First up,

I saw these twine trees at West Elm a couple of years ago.

$50 each?  I think not.
After seeing the gads of copycats on Pinterest and even one in my local Hobby Lobby for $25 {still too pricey}, it was time for me to make a few of my own.
I just grabbed a couple of styrofoam forms.

And started hot glueing!

Crazy simple.
These little trees are so festive.
And hello, twine! You guys know all about my obsession from this post.

{I know, the books really aren't festive at all. But that's what's there for now. Sorry dears.}

I love the smell of cinnamon, especially during Christmas. 
And these candles are everywhere!
 This turned out to be crazy inexpensive. 
I bought a small glass votive from Old Time Pottery for fifty cents.

Add in two dollars worth of cinnamon sticks and a fifty cent candle and you can make this for cheaper than a gallon of gas.

I started by hot gluing the cinnamon sticks to the votive. Make sure you're aligning them just above the base or the whole thing will sit wonky.

And I added some ribbon for the final touch. Hot glue doesn't always stick well to glass, so I thought the ribbon would also be a nice reinforcement to hold the whole thing together.

This candle is for my mom, so I decorated it to her tastes {hopefully} with a burlap ribbon and a lacy/snowflake like ribbon.

Mom is also getting a set of the twine trees.
I'm basically bribing her with crafts to come watch Jake tonight while  J.B. and I go to his company Christmas party. Which is silly of me because my parents would do it for absolutely nothing. They are crazy for that sweet boy of mine.

Too bad Mom. You're getting these anyway.

{Any excuse to have a new project!}

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