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Thursday, November 8, 2012

when you have kids

I'm discovering that when you have kids lots of things become infinitely more fun. Holidays, for example, are so much sillier and innocent. It's almost like going back to your own childhood while you watch your little one discovering it all. Even as an adult, there's so much to look forward to!

And I have to admit: I am so stinkin' excited about Jake's first Christmas! I've already purchased a few toys, planned several Christmas crafts, and thought up a few new family traditions to begin. 

{Ack! Even if it's just in spirit, I feel like I'm breaking my own "no Christmas before Thanksgiving" rule. I'm trying to distract myself for a few more weeks.}

Anywho, when you have kids anything can be turned into a fun project. Just yesterday I was out looking for a card for my sister-in-law's birthday. Then it occurred to me, why am I about to pay $3-$4 for a Hallmark card when a Jake card would be so much more awesome?! Cue project.

I created this super simple template in Word.
If you look carefully, you can see the grey outline of the card. 
It folds in half to create a 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch card.
{so as to easily fit in a 5x7 envelope}

I printed the design on card stock. 
Then cut it out and folded it in half.

Then, I unleashed the coloring monster.
I honestly wasn't sure how this would go with a seven and a half month old baby, but Jake loved it! With a little help from his Daddy, we even managed to save the table from stray marks.


I let him color the front and then put his own message inside.
{before I translated}

I keep some 5x7 envelopes handy, so I snatched one of those to use.

I remember getting a birthday card that my niece colored for me last year. It was a heck of a lot sweeter than anything Hallmark could have written.  I hope Kelly likes this!

So for my friends and family - look out! 
You might be getting a Jake original on your special day this year!

Want to use my card printout for your own little one? Go h e r e to grab a free copy.

NOTE: You can alleviate a few of these steps by simply printing onto a blank card, but I was a. out of those and b. wanted something a bit larger for Jake to color. Feel free to do what works for you!

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  1. Love this. So much more personal than a store bought card.