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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

thanksgiving hands

Arts and crafts with an 8 month old... Seriously. Am I crazy? 

But we pulled it off.

Jake and I {ok, so maybe just me} decided to make Thanksgiving cards this year. We were both pretty optimistic about it from the get go. 

Check out that smile!

I designed some 5x7 cards {grab them  h e r e } before we started with the paint.
I was only planning on making a couple of cards for family members, but I knew this would be a difficult task so I definitely had double that many cards to begin with. Momma didn't raise no fool.

First up was the palm of the hand and the thumb. 
I used a paintbrush to put the brown paint on Jake's hand.

There wasn't any of the mess that I anticipated, but he really was not a fan of the paint...

Next we did the finger feathers. 
Different colors, one at a time.

Once the feathers were dry, I added a beak, gobble and turkey legs with a felt pen.

"Oh my gosh Mom, please say we're done!!"

All done and ready to go out to the family!

I think these are neat to mail to family to maybe to bring to your Thanksgiving dinner for everyone!

Get your Thanksgiving card templates h e r e .

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  1. Those came out great! My little one hated having paint on her hands when I did a Halloween card - and it ended up being a total mess! Glad you didn't have too much clean up.