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Friday, November 30, 2012

glitter candles {tutorial}

 I'm really not sure where my glitter obsession came from this year. I usually loathe glitter. And gold. 
Glitter and gold? What's wrong with me? Who am I??
I guess once you go glitter, you can't go back...

Why pay for special, sparkly candles? These are so incredibly simple!

I started with these two candles from the dollar store.

Created some stripes with double sided Scotch tape. I made an extra thick stripe in the center.
{Can you see the tape? Follow the arrows.}

Then roll it in your glitter. 

Of course you've got to get that dadblasted excess glitter off. I used a couple of pieces of the tape to pull it off pretty easily.

My candles didn't end up anywhere fancy. I wrap a little bit of garland around the base and set them in our entertainment center. Just a little something festive on either side of our chunky satellite receiver and DVD player.

Now I'm working on decorating the top of this cabinet. Trying to have everything done by December 1st.... which is tomorrow. Eee gads!

Here's hoping this is the end of my gold glitter crush. There's glitter everywhere from my crafting endeavors. And let me tell you, J.B. loves it. Not. He affectionately refers to glitter as the STD of the craft world. Which I think is hilarious and completely inappropriate to share here. Oops.

Y'all saw my glitter reindeer this week, but check out what's on the bookshelf just below it.

 {Gold bell for $1 at Target!}

And even my tree is trimmed with some glittery gold things this year.

But I'm liking our messy, rustic tree. Pine cones {of course}, berries, acorns, and some glittery gold icicle sliver things. I picked up a few of these twig star ornaments from West Elm. And we wrapped the whole tree with a grapevine, which is my favorite part!

Enough chatting! Back to decorating before December is officially here!

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