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Friday, October 5, 2012

what I did on my summer vacation

I think it's a pretty common back-to-school assignment. And obviously, since it's already October, my assignment is late. Please don't flunk me!

I didn't have a ton of time this summer to do much outside of focus on Jake, but here are a few little projects:

my "love one another" chalkboard

The chalkboard aspect is real, purchased from Target. But I got tired of my chalkboards getting constantly smudged and smeared. So the verse is actually painted onto the chalkboard. 
I printed out the verse in a font I like and then used the old pencil lead transfer technique to trace it on to the chalkboard.
{see the lead tracing technique used in this tutorial}

the giraffe onesie

I made this for my friend Lauren's little man Liam and thought it turned out really cute! I've been meaning to make one for Jake and show you guys how easy it was! Look for that next week!

the mudpie print

I made this for my friend Kelly's little boy Declan.
{are you guys seeing a friend/baby trend, here?}

I loved it and made a personalized one for Jake too. 
Want one?

If you have a special little fellow in mind, just send me a note and I'll even personalize it for you.
Free stuff is the best. Gotta spread the love.

Since most of my summer was spent with little man, it's only fair that I share a bunch of pictures of him right?? It's been a long few months {worth every second!}, but we tried to combat every bad day with a good one. Enjoy!

lots of snuggles, hospital stays, trips to the zoo, bath time, play time, family, hiking trips, baseball games, football games, swimming, beach trips, visiting grandparents, swinging in the park

No matter what happens in our lives, we want Jake to be happy and fun and adventurous. I think we're off to pretty good start.

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  1. Sarah,

    Thank you for the print! I downloaded and will printing it out for a friend's nursery (giving you full credit). I am so glad you are back to blogging! I had missed your posts, recipes, and project ideas! Can I just tell you that your apple pie recipe is now my go-to recipe? :) Hope Baby J is well!