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Thursday, October 18, 2012

recovered mouse pad {tutorial}

I've been in pretty desperate need of a mouse pad for awhile now. While my mouse technically doesn't need one to function properly, the scratches on my wood desk say otherwise. 

And of course, I couldn't find one I liked.

Yup, you know how this story goes... 

So I made my own.

I grabbed a plain $2.99 mouse pad from Target and then sorted through my scrap fabric until I found a great linen that would match my black and cream office.
The awesome thing about this project is that anyone can do it. I added a little embellishment with my sewing machine, but it was just for fun. You definitely don't need a sewing machine for this one.

:: Materials ::

- scrap of fabric
- mouse pad
- spray adhesive

Here's the adhesive I'm using for this project: 

So first, decide what shape you'd like your mouse pad to be. I think I'm going to trim this square down to a circle.
I'm really terrible at cutting out a good circle so I measured the edges of my mouse pad and then printed off a circle to give me a pattern.

Next I covered it with the spray adhesive and smoothly laid out my fabric on top. 
Be sure to have something laid out underneath while you're doing this. The adhesive gunk is crazy sticky and gross.

Now flip the mouse pad and fabric over and place something on top of it - a magazine, book, etc, that will help apply a little extra pressure. Give the adhesive time to dry.

Once the adhesive is dry, cut off the excess material.

Boom. New mouse pad.

I added an extra embellishment with my sewing machine by giving the mouse pad two seams around the edges. 

Techniques from other folks:

I never would have thought I'd be so jazzed about a mouse pad. But I love this thing now!
I guess it's the little things in life...

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