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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

photo a day

I think I've mentioned my instagram addiction before, right?

Well, the addiction definitely exists. Lately it's gone to a whole new level since I decided to try the Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day challenge in October. {check out her blog & instagram @fatmumslim}.

It's been super fun. And hey, it gives me a new excuse to take a billion more pictures of Jake! 

So here's the list this month:

And here are a few of my snapshots:

{where I stood}
Jake edition

{what you read}
Just finished Gone Girl - so good. Now onto The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Momma & Jake on the porch

Jake is sporting some pretty crazy angled mohawk hair today.

All the red in this room - hydrangea print, Jake's Bama Sock Monkey, our bedding, and an accent pillow

Happiest baby on the planet.

{something close up}
Jake has found a very handsome friend in the mirror.

{something close up}
Dining room table. And yes, I'm the nerd that leaves it set up all the time. Cause it's pretty!!

{fall centerpiece tutorial here}

 Love living here. Beautiful fields and gorgeous sunsets.

{something you wrote}
A favorite Max Lucado quote

{makes you smile}
I put Jake in his seat and in under 30 seconds this happened. I love watching and giggling at my little explorer! He's amazing!

{4 o'clock}
It's 4ish here and we've been shopping!

{in my town}
I love that Alabama has a perfect variation of all four seasons. Sitting on the porch enjoying the pretty leaves with Jake. He's mesmerized by the colors.

I love doing this and can't wait to finish out the month! Might even go crazy and do a photo challenge in November too!

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