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Monday, October 1, 2012

book page pumpkins {DIY tutorial}


You can't decorate for the fall season without pumpkins. 

So says my house anyway... 

on the front porch / on the bookshelf / in the kitchen / in the living room 

I really like pumpkins.

And you guys already know how I feel about decorating with book pages...

{click for tutorials}

I also really like old book pages.

So why not put the two together?

This is ridiculously simple. Especially if you've ever used modpodge. 


 Modpodge glue
 a paint brush
 an old book
 a cheap fake pumpkin

I started with a bright green plastic pumpkin from the dollar bin at Target.

After taking a sharpie to the steam to keep it from look soooo green, I cut up a few book pages into smaller pieces.

Then I started gluing. It's pretty fail proof with modpodge. Put a coat underneath the pages and put a coat on top. You can't really use too much or mess it up. It all dries clear in the end!

Give it a couple of hours to dry.

Pumpkins plus bookpage? Of course I love mine!

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