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Thursday, October 11, 2012

baby lovie {tutorial}

Jake adores his little tag blanket {or lovie, as a lot of folks call it}. We've already played about a thousand rounds of "Where's Jake?!" with it over his head, and he loves grabbing and twisting all the ribbons. They are such a neat toy.
I knew there was no way I was spending $15-$20 on one at the store when whipping one up myself ought to be simple enough.

For Jake's lovie, I bought two kinds of fabric - a printed flannel and a soft minky green. I love the texture variety!
I also had ridiculous amounts of ribbon lying around so I didn't have to purchase any of those.
{But for those of you that need some I'd suggested hitting up Hobby Lobby when the spools are 50% off}
Grab your sewing machine, thread and straight pins and you're ready to go!

I may or may not have been sitting on the floor playing with Jake while I put this together. Apologies for the carpet backdrop.

First, cut out your lovie. Sizes can vary. Mine is 10" x 10".
{make sure to allow extra material for the seam}
Pin your fabrics. Good sides together.

Next, cut your ribbons into 5" sections.

Then arrange them around your fabric.

Fold the ribbons over and pin them inside of the two fabrics.

Once all your ribbons are pinned in place, sew around the edge of your fabrics. Make sure to leave a section open so you can flip the lovie right side out.

When you've flipped your it right side out, poke out the corners and pin in the open edge. Then sew around the edge again. This will close the open side. 

 In the end, I even added an extra seam for posterity. Cause I'm crazy like that, you guys...

Not to mention I have enough fabric left over to make a few for some friends.

And this little cuddle bug loves to hold it in his sleep.
Ahh, my sweet boy! I so adore him.

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