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Thursday, September 20, 2012

half birthdays

Guess who's six months old today!! 

I absolutely cannot believe that this little man is six months old. Watching him grow and learn has been one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. Every day is a new adventure and Jake is so curious about the world around him!

Here are some highlights:

 - He's sleeping through the night! We used the SleepEasy method around 4 months to help but he took to it without skipping a beat. Now it's a solid 11 hours every night. {Yay!!}

 - He's a rolling machine. Seriously guys, this kid is the ultimate roller. It's all he wants to do. And he is so pleased with himself about it. He'll roll, then giggle, then roll, then giggle. It's beyond adorable.

 - He's trying so hard to sit by himself and to crawl. Both of these are pretty awesome milestones that we're looking forward to. Each day Jake gets a little closer and Mommy is standing by with her camera ready to capture that perfect moment. 

 - He loves trying new foods. Now that we're in the stage where Jake can eat baby food and start to taste some of the "real deal", he's having a blast gnawing on anything he gets his hands on. Right now he's very big into fruits and likes to turn his nose up at veggies. 

 - He loves our puppies! I can't exactly say the same for them quite yet since what Jake really likes to do is pull and pinch at them, but I'm sure they'll come around. :)

Overall, he's an incredibly happy and friendly little baby with his daddy's sweet disposition and laid back attitude. He spends most of his day exploring and learning and giggling. 

And he'll melt your heart in an instant. I promise.

Since we missed out on sharing some of the previous months, here are the pictures of our little man:

 He's changed so much!!
{p.s. We can't figure out who he looks like. What do you think??}

And of course, what fun would this be without sharing a few of the out takes from this morning...

Happy Half-Birthday, Jake!! 
We love you to the moon and back!!

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  1. He is so incredibly cute! My goodness I want to kiss those sweet cheeks.